updated 10/3/2011 5:29:06 PM ET 2011-10-03T21:29:06

The National Park Service says engineers are resuming their inspection of the earthquake-damaged Washington Monument.

The team was to continue its rappelling work Monday. Work was suspended both Saturday and Sunday due to the weather, including high winds.

The engineers are rappelling down the monument to inspect for damage caused by a 5.8-magnitude earthquake on Aug. 23. The quake caused numerous cracks to form in the 127-year-old obelisk, which remains structurally sound. The engineers have been removing loose stone and mortar.

The inspection began on Wednesday, but weather has caused some complications. On Friday, engineer Erik Sohn was blown about 30 feet off the monument's face by a gust of wind but wasn't injured. The park service says the team made minor changes to its safety plan since the incident.

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Video: New photos of Washington Monument rappelling team

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    >>> we have been following them all week. the daring four-person crew inspecting the washington monument for earthquake damage. they finished their work today and we got new views of the high wire act . they removed more loose pieces of stone which has been their top priority since those pieces could injure or kill someone if they fell.


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