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    ANN CURRY, co-host: But we begin this half-hour with the mysterious disappearance of 10-month-old Lisa Irwin . We're going to talk to her parents in just a moment. But first, NBC 's Peter Alexander is in Kansas City , Missouri with details. Hey Peter , good morning.

    PETER ALEXANDER reporting: Ann , good morning to you. The mystery just keeps deepening here in Kansas City, Missouri. NBC News has learned that when Jeremy Irwin , Lisa Irwin 's father, returned home Monday night/Tuesday morning he found not just his daughter missing from his crib -- from her crib, he also found three cell phones were missing from the family 's home. Last night investigators scanned this area, they canvassed it, stopping every car that came through here looking for any evidence of their missing daughter . At the same time, Jeremy Irwin met with federal authorities providing the names of nine individuals that the family thought may have had something to do with their daughter 's abduction. But so far, no suspects and no strong leads. As investigators re-examined the Irwin family home, a tearful public plea for the distraught parents of 10-month-old baby, Lisa .

    Mr. JEREMY IRWIN (Father of Missing 10-Month-Old Baby Girl): No questions asked. We just -- we just want to have her back home.

    Ms. DEBORAH BRADLEY (Mother of Missing 10-Month-Old Baby Girl): We just want our baby back. Please bring her home.

    ALEXANDER: Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin , mom holding onto her daughter 's favorite stuffed animal, begged whoever has Lisa to return her safely.

    Ms. BRADLEY: Just drop her off anywhere. We don't care. Just somewhere safe where she can come home, please.

    ALEXANDER: They shared with us these photos of Lisa , taken within the last few weeks. Lisa 's parents told police she was last seen sleeping in her crib late Monday, but when her dad got home from an overnight shift at 4:00 Tuesday morning, Lisa was gone.

    Captain STEVE YOUNG (Kansas City, Missouri Police Department): The only thing that we know absolutely is that there should have been a 10-month-old in that house and there isn't, and we're doing everything we can to find that child.

    ALEXANDER: With the Irwin family 's consent, investigators in sterile suits to avoid contaminating the scene again searched the home. One focal point, this window without a screen. But law enforcement officials appear baffled at who could have climbed into the home, walked down the hall, snatch the baby, and then slipped out. Late Wednesday, I spoke to Jeremy Irwin 's parents , baby Lisa 's grandparents.

    Mr. RICK IRWIN (Missing Baby's Grandfather): She's a beautiful baby. She's full of life and laughter and love.

    ALEXANDER: Then I asked a difficult question that haunts every missing child case. Is there any way in the world that your son or your daughter -in-law could have had anything to do with this?

    Ms. MELANIE IRWIN (Missing Baby's Grandmother): Absolutely not. They're kind, loving, wonderful parents . And that baby is everything to them.

    ALEXANDER: At times Wednesday, detectives were seen carrying away bags of potential evidence. Outside the home, police dogs hunted for clues.

    Capt. YOUNG: The longer the time goes without getting a conclusion, the more difficult it becomes, but that doesn't mean that we're letting up.

    ALEXANDER: For Lisa 's parents , every minute without their baby daughter brings more anguish.

    Mr. J. IRWIN: Just ask you to keep her in your thoughts and prayers and help her bring her home.

    ALEXANDER: And police say they are not ruling anything out, that everything is still on the table. The family is also now receiving support from the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children who say -- and now listen to this stat, since 1986 there have been 278 stranger abductions of infants. In all but 12 cases, those infants were returned home safely. Ann :

    CURRY: All right. Peter Alexander , thank you so much for that. Well, clearly, this is a terribly emotional time for Lisa 's parents . Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin are now joining us. Good morning to both of you.

    Mr. J. IRWIN: Good morning.

    Ms. BRADLEY: Good morning.

    CURRY: We're all so sorry to hear all of this. You just heard Peter report that there are no suspects and no strong leads. So what are police telling you about where your baby girl is?

    Ms. BRADLEY: Nothing, nothing at all. We -- they say they have -- they have some tips from the tips hotline. They're looking and they're doing everything they can, but nothing.

    CURRY: Have they told you what those tips might be, Jeremy ?

    Mr. J. IRWIN: No, they haven't given us any information. They're -- I think they're too busy following up leads and working on things so we don't know a whole lot. Just hoping that we get her back soon.

    CURRY: Have they been questioning you about who you may know, who from your past, if there's anyone in your wider circle, your community, who would want to take your little girl ? Have they been asking you those questions?

    Mr. J. IRWIN: Yeah.

    Ms. BRADLEY: Yes.

    Mr. J. IRWIN: They've been asking us nonstop. We've been trying to think of anything we can that can help. So far, not a whole lot.

    CURRY: And I know the detectives have been at your home and they've taken away bags of what I understand are considered evidence. Do you know what they're looking for, what they took from your home?

    Ms. BRADLEY: No. We don't have any idea.

    CURRY: You know, you heard in the story that we just ran that, you know, in addition to the pain of missing your daughter , you're also being asked by police some tough questions because in their effort they sort of need to leave no stone unturned. So what do you have to say about their effort to even question you about whether you know something about your daughter 's disappearance? Jeremy , do you want to take that question?

    Mr. J. IRWIN: They -- we were down at the police station for most of the day the other day and just going over everything and making sure that we've got all the information that we have and given them everything we can time and time again . So hopefully something can bring her home.

    CURRY: Do you want to say anything about this question that they're asking even you about whether you had anything to do with you daughter 's disappearance?

    Mr. J. IRWIN: No. I mean, obviously we don't -- we don't know where she is or who took her. We just need her back.

    CURRY: Well, to that end, Deborah , let me ask you about that. What would you like to say to whoever may have your daughter , if that person is watching today?

    Ms. BRADLEY: We're a close family and my boys miss her. Me and her father miss her. Everybody loves her. We have a good family , and she needs to be with us. Please, please bring her home. Drop her off anywhere safe, a fire department , a church, a police station . Just bring her somewhere safe. No questions asked. And we just want our daughter back. We'll do anything to get her.

    CURRY: Well, she's a beautiful, beautiful girl . We all hope you get her back and we want to tell people if they want to help they should call the police department in Kansas City, Missouri. Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin , thank you so much . Our best to you.

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updated 10/6/2011 8:18:58 AM ET 2011-10-06T12:18:58

The parents of a missing 10-month-old Kansas City girl begged that she be dropped off someplace safe, no questions asked, prompting the mother to plead: "We just want our baby back."

The parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, spoke to the media for the first time Wednesday afternoon, almost two days after their child, Lisa, disappeared from her crib.

The couple made a tearful plea, urging people to come forward with information about their child and took no questions from reporters.

"Anything, even the smallest bit of information could lead to her return," the father said.

Lisa Irwin was last seen around 10:30 p.m. Monday when her mother put her to bed. Her father, an electrician, discovered Lisa missing when he got home around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday from a late-night shift at work, police said.

Image: baby Lisa Irwin
Kansas City Police

"Detectives are looking at every possible angle," Capt. Steve Young of the Kansas City Police Department told "All we know is that there should've been a 10-month-old in that house and we are doing everything we can to find the kid."

On Wednesday, FBI agents with dogs searched the family's home, a light-green ranch-style home in an older neighborhood along a winding street near hills. An FBI spokeswoman acknowledged the agency was committing significant resources to the search, but declined to discuss why the agents entered the home or what they found.

Officers scoured the neighborhood and knocked doors throughout the neighborhood in their hunt for Lisa Irwin.

"We've received several tips and we certainly encourage people to call, but we also need information that is specific to the case," Young told

Police discounted the notion that Lisa could have crawled away and are investigating the possibility that an intruder entered the home through a window and snatched her.

Young said the parents have been cooperative and aren't considered suspects. "As you can imagine nobody knows more about what's going on in that house than the parents do," he said.

A daylong search Tuesday that included more than 100 officers, FBI agents, and police dogs yielded no substantial clues. Interviews with the parents that ended late Tuesday also didn't provide any clues, Young said.

Nothing turned up around the house or in a search of the two cars in the family's driveway either, investigators said, according to NBC's Peter Alexander.

Video: Frantic search for missing baby (on this page)

The parents were staying with relatives away from their northern Kansas City home. Police said they were aware of the parents whereabouts, but would not disclose their location.

Lisa Irwin’s grandparents and neighbors told KSHB-TV, NBC News affiliate in Kansas City, they have not heard from the couple since they left police questioning Tuesday evening. The grandparents told the TV station that they were caring for the couple's two other children.

Tip from neighbor 'went nowhere'
Police canceled the Amber Alert Tuesday evening since the public awareness had been raised.

Police spokesman Darin Snapp said a report that a neighbor saw a man in the neighborhood carrying a baby overnight Tuesday "went nowhere."

Story: Amber Alert for 10-month-old girl last seen in crib

Lisa has blue eyes and blond hair. She is 30 inches tall and weighs between 26 and 30 pounds. Police say she has two bottom teeth, a small bug bite under her left ear and a beauty mark on her right thigh. She also has a cold with a cough.

She was wearing purple shorts and a purple shirt with white kittens on it.

The Associated Press, NBC News and staff contributed to this report.


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