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Video: Holder's 'Fast and Furious' testimony under scrutiny

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    >>> the prerepublicans are calling into an investigation into eric holder to see if he misled congress about the controversial gun trafficking program known as fast and furious . holder testified about it in may 3rd .

    >> when did you first know about the program officially, i believe, called fast and furious , to the best of your knowledge, what date?

    >> i'm not sure of the exact date. i probably heard about fast and furious over the last few weeks.

    >> but newly released memos to holder mentioned the program as far back as last year. the fast and furious program was designed to track guns trafficked into mexico but thousands of the weapons disappeared later turning up in more than 150 crime")2 to be fair, to be accurate, i guess i should say, the two memos that are at issue here, both mention fast and furious but do not mention the problems about letting guns walk. and that's what the justice department says is really the issue here. the attorney general also testified at an earlier hearing in march when he said that he had heard about the program about the problems with the program early in 2011 . so it's -- the justice department says it's the two people talking past each other here. and the question really does remain unresolved which is when did senior officials at the justice department find out the thing was going wrong and what did they do about it? and we'll learn more about that when an inspector general report come out. but the attorney general has already taken some actions here. he said he doesn't want this to happen again. and because of his actions, the u.s. attorney is out in arizona, the u.s. attorney in phoenix who was in charge of the prosecutions here and two officials at atf there have been reassigned.

    >> to get fast and furious to have launched this program, did the atf and the u.s. attorney , did they need signoff by anybody at the justice department here if washington?

    >> you know, i don't know the answer to that question or whether they needed answers from people at the atf headquarters or whether it had a to go all the way to main justice. i don't know if there is something peculiar about this. but one thing that would have required that signoff, one of the things the justice department said is there was a similar, what they use a term gun walking. let guns walk across the border. a similar operation run out of arizona, not in phoenix, but in tucson in 2007 and 2008 in the bush administration . now it had never become public because it didn't have the disastrous consequences that fast and furious did. but they say that this was not the first time that atf tried this.

    >> all right. pete williams , our senior justice correspondent. pete, thanks


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