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Watch your back the next time you’re out in public — more than 50 percent of smartphone users said they would secretly take videos of people for laughs, a new study suggests.

A report from video platform provider Qumu and Harris Interactive revealed that Americans are willing to capture scenes in public that they find interesting and funny. The survey was conducted among 2,361 Americans ages 18 and older. The margin of error was not given.

Topping the list of scenes people would want to catch on video include people wearing embarrassing outfits (23 percent) in public. Other popular scenarios include athletes at a sporting event (20 percent), someone tripping (15 percent), an attractive waitress at a restaurant (10 percent) and a shirtless hunk mowing the lawn (9 percent). Disgusting grooming habits (6 percent) and a couple making out (5 percent) also made the list. [Read:  Top 10 Reasons to Ditch Your Dumb Phone for a Smartphone ]

A majority of Americans (57 percent) said they would be amused if a co-worker was to share, upload or post online a video on the company’s intranet or shared files server.

Respondents said that the funniest or most interesting videos involving co-workers would include pranks (30 percent) and catching people napping on the job (21 percent). Capturing a video of someone pigging out in the workplace kitchen (11 percent) was also something people said they would want to see.

The report also found that men are more likely to enjoy these types of videos, with 60 percent saying they would watch them compared with 54 percent of women.

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