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Video: Growing Trust for Congressional Democrats

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    >>> poll shows another silver lining for democrats . anxious about the president's re-election bid. on a generic ballot, congressional democrats are in their best showing in almost two years. 45% say they want democrats in charge of congress, just 41% pick republicans . it's actually a ten-point sing swing since august when republicans held that lead 47% to the democrats ' 41. new york congressman steve israel is chairman of the dccc. i will put a cautionary note on there that for some reason we have seen volatility on that number. so congressman israel, let me ask you, i know you guys have seen similar volatility. is that due to just the overall unhappiness with washington so maybe one month they say oh, i hate the republicans and one month, oh, i hate the democrats ?

    >> well, no, actually, we have been consistently ahead in the generic polling in the past several months. and that's because there is a deep sense of buyers' remorse that has set in across this country. independent voters in particular are realizing they did not vote for republican majority that would try and end medicare in order to protect tax cuts from big oil companies. they didn't vote for a republican majority that were trying to close down the government on a three-month schedule. and so this buyers' remorse is setting in. we are ahead in the generic polling. and in fact today we announced again, this house is in play, chuck. we need 25 seats to take the house back. today we announced we have 60 strong candidates running in 60 competitive districts. this house is in play, and that poll buttresses us.

    >> let me ask you this, though. what is the -- what is the sales pitch ? the elevator pitch . two voters that say, you know, they didn't like, they felt as if there was too much legislation coming out of the democratic congress, so they essentially fired you.

    >> look, we have --

    >> maybe they're not happy with what the republicans are doing. so what's the elevator pitch ? what is it that the democrats are going to do differently, and tell a swing voter , well, we learned our lesson from what you didn't like before. and here's what we'll do differently.

    >> the democrats have proposed actions that would help small businesses create jobs. the republicans have not lifted a finger. not passed a single bill to help a single small business , create a single job. we have proposed that legislation every time we have come up with a solution, republicans have said no. now, we have recruits from all walks of life. their pitch is very simple. these are people who live the american dream . we've got the son of immigrants who became a nasa astronaut who did a space shuttle mission. we have police chiefs and fire chiefs, two senior retired military generals, army generals and veterans. these are people who spent their entire lives not thinking about the left or right, but thinking about how to move forward. they live the american dream , we want to reignite the american dream , which has faded under this republican house majority .

    >> well, let me ask you this. in our poll, we asked about reviews of the federal government . 82% said it was unhealthy and needed large reforms. so what are the large reforms -- it's clear the public would like it. what kind of reforms would a new democratic majority bring to congress that they didn't bring four years ago?

    >> well, we're going to reform the priorities that the house republican majority has insisted on. our reforms would be to say that we have a debt, we understand it. we want the to reduce that debt. we propose not asking seniors on medicare to sacrifice to reduce that debt. we'll reform that debt by asking people making over $1 million to pay a little bit more in their taxes. we'll reform that debt by closing those corporate tax loopholes. we'll reform that debt and bring down that debt by standing with middle class families and working families while the republicans have every minute of every hour of every day said they will protect the richest of the rich, protect corporate tax loopholes, protect oil companies subsidies. those are the kinds of reforms we are running on. we want that changed and we will bring about that change when we win back the majority .

    >> but there seems to be something else going on here. and that's the overall distrust, concern, discontent with washington . what you're talking about is sort of the ideological, visionary differences, and i get that argument on one handled. but there's an underlying concern about what's going on with congress, with washington . what about those types of reforms?

    >> well, look. that is why this poll and other polls are all clearly saying that the american people trust house democrats to be in the majority . they would prefer house democrats , because they understand that we will engage in those reforms. let me give you another example. house democrats attempted to pass legislation that would stop these nefarious secret stealth groups from beaming into congressional districts , unnamed, hidden, in the shadows, and trying to affect and impact elections. we were for that reform . republicans have been blocking that reform . house democrats want to make sure we reforming our voting process. the republicans are trying to engage in a system of voter suppression that's going to alienate 5 million voters, most of them senior citizens or many of them senior citizens across the country. there is no reform more important than ensuring that every american has the right to vote. and it is this majority in the house of representatives , this republican majority , that is actively and on a daily basis trying to suppress that vote. so if you want to talk about specific reforms, we want to open up the system, clean the system, the republicans have stood by their special interest buddies every step of the way, whether it's advertising in congressional districts secretly or trying to stop people from casting their votes.

    >> congressman, you're on the armed services committee . i want to ask you about this --

    >> i was --

    >> -- these allegations about iran and what they were trying to -- what they were trying to do potentially on american soil. are you satisfied that you have all the information you need, that the u.s. government has put out everything that they have when it comes to making this connection and should they put out more information?

    >> well, first of all, look, i'm rather hawkish on this issue. the only information that i really need with respect to iran is to look at what they have said, look at what they are doing. they are a reckless regime, intent -- they have the intention of developing nuclear weapons , and they have the will to use nuclear weapons . and so i do not believe we can be vigilant enough in protecting us and our allies around the world against the threat of iran .

    >> all right. congressman steve israel , chairman of the dccc. we'll take a look at those 60 recruits you say, right?

    >> yes, sir.

    >> we will take a look. congressman, thanks for coming on this morning.

    >> thanks, chuck.


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