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Video: Berlusconi’s wild night

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    >>> there is partying and then there is italian prime minister burle scony. he wire taps following an investigation into an alleged prostitution ring surrounding the italian leader. while he said he has never paid for sex, the recordings suggest otherwise. in one conversation, he describes a queue outside his door of 11 women. you can't get around to all of them, he said. this morning i feel great and i'm pleased with my stamina. more troubling is the prime minister's frustration that his duties kept getting in the way of his desire to spend time with women. to pass the days with my babes. i am just a in my spare time . while we find the comments to be humorous, the people are not a fused indeed. they saw violent clashes between police and demonstrators after he got approval from parliament for a 54 billion euro austerity taxes. pension reform and slashed spending. even the uproar caused by protesters doesn't seem to phase him. i guess that's understandable with so many young women lining up outside his door. we are interested in what you have to say. coming up, michele bachmann 's latest dear in the headlights moment.


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