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If a video claiming to be from the hacking group Anonymous is to be trusted, BlackBerry's massive global service disruptions weren't caused by operating system server errors. They were simply payback for uncool, middle-aged users' outdated, oversize devices and lame hip holsters.

In the joke YouTube video, the group takes credit for the outages that have plagued BlackBerry users in five continents for the past five days. The narrator, in the standard robotic voice used in all of Anonymous' video dispatches, says, "It has been made clear to us that your hip holster has consumed your life. We're here to inform you that your device hasn't been cool since 2000. Seriously, my kids LeapFrog pad is smaller than that."

The video continues by calling out BlackBerry's "half-ass app store, broken track ball and pointless messenger," and threatens that the company will come to an end on Wednesday, Oct. 12 (two days ago).

"We have the power to shut down BlackBerry users worldwide, affecting literally hundreds of people. We shall impend destruction upon your middle-aged selves on Wednesday Oct 12." In a humorous and ironic final gesture, the video signs off with "Sent from my Blackberry Curve."

There is of course no way to determine if this video is actually from the real Anonymous group, but it seems unlikely, as the video features none of the usual graphics of an Anonymous video. Also, as James Nixon from Thinq reported, the video never explains how the group took down the BlackBerry network, an omission that casts "a big question mark over the message's authenticity."

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