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Video: Unemployment, foreclosures key issues in Nevada

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    >>> the economy, of course, will be a big issue tonight in las vegas when the republican candidates gather for the eighth debate. can rick perry find his mojo? we have a columnist from the las vegas sun who interviewed him. you have foreclosures, record foreclosures. nevada has terrible unemployment, 13.4%, and the foreclosure rate, i think 1 out of 118 homes what is the --

    >> yeah.

    >> what is the foreclosure rate there? correct me if i'm wrong. that is the background, the back dr backdrop for this debate upon the.

    >> you are right with those figures. 1 in every 118 homes last month received a foreclosure notice. this is an issue that has not gotten a lot of attention so far on the campaign trail, even in the obama administration. when republican candidates come to nevada today, nevada moments will be deciding this caucus on january 14th , hopefully, they will want to hear solutions. so far they talked about getting business regulations settled, out of the way, simplifying the tax code , letting government get out of the way of businesses to start creating jobs. nevada has a low tax rate . we have a business friendly regulatory environment. and we still suffer from the highest unemployment rate so voters will be looking to these candidates to come up with interesting, creative ideas that might have traction in the state.

    >> what kind of reception will herman cain get for his electric fence comments in a state where immigration is a big issue?

    >> you know, that was a clip by herman cain , i think that's what makes him somewhat popular with republican voters who are looking for something different. immigration can be a fiery issue in nevada . i think that comment may play to that republican base. you look ground the primary, nevada has a quickly growing hispanic population, they tend to vote democratic, if he makes it general election , i don't think


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