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Video: Obama team focuses on Mitt Romney

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    >>> are on most american minds this election year. president obama 's re-election team is setting its sights on one candidate -- mitt romney . kristen welker is at the white house for us this morning. good morning.

    >> reporter: good morning, natalie. by the president's own admission he has a tough re-election battle given the economy. campaign officials say they are not wasting any time. president obama in campaign mode, dining out thursday night with donors who won a contest. meanwhile his re-election team is taking aim squarely at mitt romney . this new web ad paints romney as a flip-flopper, accusing him of changing his position on an ohio union issue twice in 24 hours .

    >> i'm sorry if i created confusion.

    >> reporter: an obama campaign official told nbc news the tangs on romney makes sense. it would be strange for us to focus on candidates that did not have the resources and organization that give them the potential to win the nomination. we're not going to sit back and eat popcorn for a year as republican candidates distort the president's record. in a recent republican debate rick perry tried to paint romney as a flip-flopper but the attack fell flat.

    >> was it before he was before the --

    >> reporter: now some suggest perry is considering skipping upcoming debates.

    >> there are 18 more in the planning phases. there is no way the candidates can do all the debates.

    >> reporter: the current gop frontrunner herman cain appeared via satellite thursday night but eyebrows were raised earlier when the new york times said ex-aides described a campaign in chaos and an e-mail in which cain staffers were told do not speak to him unless you are spoken to. some say the story was fuelled by bad grapes from a few staffers. the canada datas will be out stumping today. cain will be in alabama.


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