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Time Warner Cable is refusing to air a 30-second commercial from a start-up company that highlights how to watch free HDTV.

Mohu, Inc. – makers of the Mohu Leaf antenna that aims to replace expensive HD cable and satellite services – announced this week that Time Warner Cable has refused to air a planned advertising campaign scheduled to run on channels in Columbus, Ohio and Kansas City, Mo., because the commercial states that viewers "do not need cable."

“Did you know that most top-rated shows are broadcast to you free over the air in full definition?” the commercial said. “You don’t need expensive cable service to watch HD programs. You just need the Mohu Leaf antenna.” [Read: How to Cut the Cable Cord Without Regrets]

The commercial also states that the Mohu Leaf antenna ($49.99) allows users to watch network shows and football games in better HD quality than cable or dish.

The paper thin antenna connects to your TV and mounts on the wall and has become a popular product among those who have cancelled cable to save on costs.

The Mohu Leaf was invented by Greenwave Scientific antenna engineers last spring after years of designing and developing special purpose antennas for the U.S. military.

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