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Pushing kids too hard too young
Take away the fun factor in sports and kids can burn out
Growing up fast
With more teens going pro, how young is too young for the big leagues?
Being a good sports parent
Let the kids enjoy the game, experts say
Time for steroid testing in high school
If kids can't get caught, the problem will only get worse
Readers respond
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  Is your child on steroids?

Anywhere from 3 to 11 percent of high school students, mostly boys, have used steroids, surveys show. Over time, steroids can stunt kids’ growth, shrink testicles and cause heart and liver damage. Parents can be on the look-out for the following symptoms of steroid use:

?Rapid, improbable gains in muscle and weight
?Aggressive behavior known as ‘roid rage’
?Mood swings
?Worsening acne, often on the chest and back
?Breast enlargement in boys
?Facial hair growth in girls
?Deepened voice in girls

If you suspect your child is using steroids, consult your family doctor.

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