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Fake Angelina Jolie CNN Story Contains Malware

Angelina Jolie hasn't had a blockbuster film in a few years, but she's the unwitting star of a new malware campaign that might be coming to your email inboxes. Full story

Plane lands without front landing gear at New York's LaGuardia Airport: CNN

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A Southwest Airlines flight from Nashville to New York's Laguardia Airport touched down on Monday without its front landing gear but there were no immediate reports of injuries, CNN reported. Full story

Houston police probe case of elderly men held captive: reports

HOUSTON (Reuters) - Police in Houston are investigating a report that four elderly men were held against their will in a home in the northern part of the city, the Houston Chronicle reported on Friday, citing police. Full story

Zimmerman jury initially split 3-2-1 on verdict

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The jury in George Zimmerman's trial initially had three votes for not guilty, two votes for manslaughter and one vote for second-degree murder when deliberations began, juror B-37 told CNN on Monday. Full story

Gavel-to-gavel Zimmerman trial coverage hints at CNN's new path

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - U.S. cable news network CNN came under withering criticism last week as it chose to stick with the George Zimmerman murder trial while Egypt's military ousted the elected president, an event teased in a small box during the network's trial coverage. Full story

Zucker: Criticism of CNN Zimmerman focus is 'bunk'

CNN boss Jeff Zucker said Friday that criticism that his network underplayed the Egyptian coup in favor of the George Zimmerman murder trial is "a bunch of bunk." Full story

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American jailed in North Korea asks U.S. for help: report

Early signs point to Boston bombing suspects acting alone: CNN

For first time in six years, half of Americans say U.S. running well

Sexting and bugging revealed at the FBI: CNN

CNN finally adds live TV streaming access to its Android phone app

SWAT team enters cabin where fugitive ex-LA cop holed up: CNN

Time Warner beats profit forecasts, raises dividend

Synthetic Marijuana: The High Cost of a Cheap Drug

Meteorologist fired for defending her ‘ethnic’ hair


  Darrell Issa in backtrack mode

Was Rep. Darrell Issa misleading the country on who was behind the IRS targeting scandal? Issa, who is leading the investigation into the controversy, has backtracked on some of his comments in the last couple days. Elijah Cummings, ranking Democrat on Issa's House Oversight Committee, and Dana Milb

  CNN poll shows big impact of issues on Americans

A Meet the Press panel of experts reviews a CNN poll reflecting that the recent wave of problems has a large impact on Americans.

  Anti-Piers Morgan Petition Racks Up Support

CNN host Piers Morgan appeared on the Kudlow Report to defend his views on American gun laws. Caroline May, Daily Caller, weighs in.

  Krystal Ball and S.E. Cupp ask: 'Really CNN?!'

CNN released a report that stated “science” proved that women’s hormones drive the way they vote. The Cycle hosts, incredulous, discuss these claims of if women vote with their "parts or their hearts."

  Right still blaming moderator for debate performance

The right-wing is still trying to blame Mitt Romney's debate performance on CNN moderator Candy Crowley. Chris Kofinis and Republican strategist Ron Christie joining Ed Schultz to discuss the right-wing reaction.

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CNN presenters read the news outside Buckingham Palace on the morning Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is in labour, in London
CNN presenters read the news outside Buckingham Palace on the morning Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is in labour, in London

CNN presenters read the news outside Buckingham Palace on the morning Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is in labour, in London July 22, 2013. Prince William's pregnant wife Kate has been taken to hospital ahead of the birth of the couple's first child who will be third in line to the Britis

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TIME/CNN/PEOPLE/FORTUNE Pre-Dinner Cocktail Reception

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