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Smart fitness gadgets just got a whole lot more fashionable.

Jawbone, the Bluetooth earpiece accessory company, has unveiled a trendy wristband designed to helps users improve their fitness, eat better and sleep more soundly.

The Jawbone UP wristband – which resembles a Livestrong bracelet and is priced at $99 – works with an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch to track the wearer's daily activity. Worn all day, it will monitor habits and lifestyles and identify how everyday choices affect overall health and sleep cycles. Jawbone says the band will even wake the wearer from sleep at a time when he or she will feel most refreshed.

The plastic, water-resistant wristband, which comes in three sizes and seven colors, contains a sophisticated motion-tracking engine. The band automatically measures and records steps, calories burned, distance, pace and active time versus inactive time throughout the day.  It also tracks hours slept, how long it takes to fall asleep, phases of sleep – including deep and light – and sleep quality. [Read: 7 Gadgets That Changed the World]

The app ties the experience together by presenting online a full view and timeline of a user’s health. It also allows friends to track each other’s progress.

The wristband subtly nudges its users to move throughout the day. It starts with a silent vibration alarm built into the band that wakes the wearer at the best moment in his or her natural sleep cycle. The device also reminds users who have been inactive for a while to get up and walk around.

The Jawbone UP wristband goes on sale Nov. 6.

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