Countdown’s Top Five

  1. Movieoke
  2. The California Supreme Court in San Francisco ordered officials there to immediately halt same-sex marriages.  Massachusetts lawmakers today gave preliminary approval to a constitutional amendment to ban them and to allow civil unions.
  3. The National Hockey League makes news headlines.
  4. Literally one day after the head of the Baseball Players Union defended his membership's use of the steroid-like substance androstenedione in front of Congress because it's legal, the federal government finally inched towards making it illegal.
  5. Cadavers in the news again. 
  6. Henry G. Reid, the director of the UCLA's body donor program, who was caught running a virtual chop shop in body parts, lied in a deposition in 2002 about his professional and academic qualifications.  So, reports the Los Angeles Times.
  7. COUNTDOWN's top four ways human cadavers are recycled. 
  8. Of course, teaching and education.
  9. When the future plastic surgeons get out of school and into practice, they are occasionally plumping up your lips with human cadaver tissue. 
  10. Safety testing, for body armor and, yes, crash testing.
  11. The bizarre artistic experiments, brought to you by German artist, Gunther von Hagens, using real human cadavers in an exhibition called "Body Worlds."
  12. The question is not whether it was al-Qaeda or Spain`s long-standing Basque separatist movement or some other purveyor of more horror.  On this day exactly two-and-a-half years since 9/11 the real question is, could it happen here?
  13. White House chief turns in cousin as spy
  14. "The president's feet are not to touch the dirt." 
  15. Just outside the site, dozens of Mr. Bush's opponents squared off with an equal number of Mr. Bush's supporters. 
  16. The president may have stepped in something and it is not dirt.  His first choice for a new assistant secretary of commerce to thwart the outsourcing of jobs had, while still running his own private company, outsourced jobs.   

Five numbers that shape this day

  1. Thirteen, the largest amount of bombs used in one terrorist attack.  Before today it occurred in Bombay in 1993. 
  2. Two hours, 28 minutes, the elapsed time of those Bombay explosions. 
  3. Fifteen, the number of bombs used in today's attack in Madrid, 13 of them exploded.
  4. Twenty minutes, the time that it took for today's 13 explosions in Spain. 
  5. One thousand, five hundred, and ninety-five, if today's attack is indeed attributed to it, this is now the number of deaths from al-Qaeda, and al-Qaeda-sponsored terrorist attacks since 9/11. 

Today’s Top Three Newsmakers

  1. Julia Roberts arrested for trying to sell crack. 
  2. No hot dogs for you.
  3. Davaugn Goethe of Stanford, Connecticut, arrested for trying to sell narcotics to cops wearing their raid jacks, the ones with -- on the back, on the sleeves, and on the front -- big letters that spell out "police." 

Let's Play 'Oddball'!

  1. She tried to spend $1 million bill at Wal-Mart, but today she explained it was just a misunderstanding, Alice Pike said she thought it was real. 
  2. Have you ever heard the one about how duct tape can cure warts
  3. Spacecraft engineer Alexander Lavrynov tells the news agency "Interfax" that he has patented a device for putting ads outside earth's orbit

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