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Video: Greek P.M. under pressure to form temporary gov't

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    >>> vote. the prime minister is under mounting pressure to get a temporary government in place to keep his country out of bankruptcy. when the dust settles, he may not be running it. nbc's michelle coe sin ski has the latest. good morning.

    >> reporter: hi, alec. the protagonists of this greek drama with a new twist every day is about to fall on his sword. a top level of prime minister papandreou owe is saying that he will resign when a temporary coalition government is formed, possibly as early as this evening. when he infuriated the market by saying he would put the bailout to a popular vote which could have had disastrous votes. he backed down from that plan finally and said let's form a unity government even if that means i'm no longer prime minister. he offered do this. the problem was his opposition was saying no, let's instead hold snap elections and that, too, was causing worry that that delay the european bailout of this very troubled country. apparently today, after two days of high-level talks, there is some consensus. a temporary coalition government will be formed from what people are now quoted as saying. that they will hold elections sometime in the near future and that this temporary government will have the power to approve the bailout before greece can default on its enormous debt, run out of money and possibly leave the euro zone . that's what has had world markets riled. especially since european leaders were saying we don't want to give more money until there is consensus and commitment within the government to move this country forward on a more stable path. the hope now of course is that this move by the government possibly by the end of tonight will do just that. alex?

    >> all right. michelle, thank you for the report. we appreciate that.


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