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Video: Obama focuses on Iran's nuclear threat

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    >>> the republicans talk about the prospect of iran developing a nuclear bomb . president obama focused on that as well. he talked about how to prevent a nuclear iran . we're joined from honolulu with kristin. could the president make any progress on this issue?

    >> reporter: hi there, alex. senior administration officials would say that yesterday's talks were productive. time will tell. here are the highlights that came out of yesterday. president obama met separate by with medvedev and chinese president hu jintao . they have put up road sanctions according to -- yesterday president obama found common ground with each leader. basically,got guarantees that both of them would work with the u.s. to try to make sure that iran does adhere to its international obligations. senior administration officials also point to the fact at that the sanctions that are already in place have all but crippled iran 's economy. as you have said, alex, this will undoubtedly be a lightning rod in 2012 with the republican candidates. already hammering president obama on this issue saying that he hasn't been tough enough on iran . they've made a similar charge when it comes to china and its currency. as you heard mitt romney in the debate last night say that china is a currency manipulator. yesterday, according to senior administration officials, president obama was aggressive on this front when he met with president hu jintao and voiced frustration on how people feel about the issue. according to that official, china's leader heard that frustration.

    >> we hear the waves lapping near you in honolulu thank


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