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    >>> a homeless man from idaho is in custody. he's accused of firing shots at the white house . at least two rounds hit the building from a shooting incident last week, while the white house is often called the people's house. most important people in it are the president and the first family going back to the early days of the republic. and while a modern city has grown up around it, and while every precaution is taken to keep the structure and its inhabitants safe, in this case it was apparently vulnerable to one man with a weapon, even though the president was not home at the time. we beginning tonight with our justice correspondent pete williams .

    >> reporter: investigators were carefully checking the white house today looking for other possible rifle roundses like the one that hit a window. on the truman balcony, inside near the oval living room , the family living quarters . it damaged the historic glass, but was stopped by a bulletproof glass , a security feature on the grounds. agents want to know if other marks they've discovered could mean other rounds hit. investigators are virtually certainty shots were fired last friday night about 9:00 p.m ., from a car speeding along a nearby street. the shots came from here on constitution avenue , about a half mile south of the white house . they were fired from a car moving in that direction, apparently by the driver firing across the passenger seat and out the window. that distance equal to nearly eight football fields is the range for that kind of assault rifle thought to be used. the car was found abandoned a few blocks away. it was traced to a homeless man from idaho. he has a long record of minor crimes, in three states and may have mental problems. he was arrested shortly after noon today in indiana pennsylvania by state police . federal agents have told staff at a local motel, he had stayed there earlier.

    >> and alerted them to the fact that this subject had been there in the past and may come back in the future, and that if he did appear, they were to notify local law enforcement and the secret service .

    >> reporter: the white house has been a target before, a colorado man against gun control fired more than two dozen rounds from the pennsylvania avenue sidewalk in 1994 . no one was hurt, he got 40 years in prison. as for this latest shooting, authorities are considering serious charges, possibly attempted assassination. pete williams , nbc news, washington.

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