Countdown’s Top Five

  1. The "American Idol" reject who, to the best of our knowledge, is the first of the current batch of contestants to actually sign a record contract.
  2. Shake your bon bon
  3. Rocket man
  4. Can you feel the love tonight/She bangs
  5. Divas behind bars
  6. Diana Ross
  7. Martha Stewart
  8. Martha resigns
  9. A Utah mother facing murder charges, accused of refusing medical advice to have an emergency C-section for her twins.  One the children was stillborn.  She denies all of this. 
  10. Speaking of bad for kids, Britney changes mind about suicide video
  11. The battle for the White House on the airwaves.
  12. Four historical examples of impactful ads:
  13. Ronald Reagan`s re-election campaign, "Morning in America."  He went on to win 49 states. 
  14. Before losing to Reagan, Mr. Mondale undercut his rival Gary Hart`s claim to new ideas by asking him, "Where's the beef?"  It was a line made famous in a Wendy`s commercial.  Actually, we should have all just asked Donna Rice. 
  15. An independent group's ad for the first George Bush, which assailed his opponent, Mr. Dukakis, for giving Willie Horton a weekend furlough when he was governor of Massachusetts -- Dukakis, not Horton.  Time that Horton used to commit rape and murder.  Bush trounced Dukakis. 
  16. The infamous "Daisy Ad" shown exactly once and undermined fears that Barry Goldwater was too hawkish to be trusted with the bomb.  Johnson won in a landslide, and then promptly escalated the Vietnam War.
  17. 3/11 in Madrid
  18. In Athens,
  19. In America,
  20. France
  21. Poland

Five numbers that shape this day

  1. One hundred and fifty thousand dollars, the reported advance that the disgraced "New York Times" journalist Jason Blair was paid to write his memoirs, "Burning Down My Master`s House." 
  2. Two hundred thousand, the number of copies of a book printed in the first press run. 
  3. Four hundred and twenty-two, the number of copies that were sold last week.  That's according to "Nielsen BookScan." 
  4. Three hundred and forty-seven, the book's current sales rank at "" 
  5. And 87, the Amazon rank of Dale Carnegie`s "How to Win Friends and Influence People." 

Today’s Top Three Newsmakers

  1. An officer of the Bangor Naval Submarine Base at the Hood Canal 25 miles west of Seattle trying to remove a 30-foot-tall Trident nuclear missile from the submarine the USS Georgia last November.  They cut a 9-inch hole in the nose cone with a ladder, and nearly hit the nuclear warhead.
  2. John Small, the man behind, has declared tomorrow Save Martha Stewart Day.  
  3. Ever heard the one about the drunken nun and the tractor? 

Let's Play 'Oddball'!

  1. The impeached president, Roh Moo-hyun, refused to leave the podium overnight, so his supporters stayed up there with him.  Opponents then stormed Parliament.  All of this was televised live, outside that building a civilian tried to drive his car up the steps and into the hall in protest.  When it stalled he got out of it and set the thing on fire and shouted, "I will kill them all."  He didn't.
  2. In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Robert McKiernan has been arrested for possession of stuff with which to fuel a methamphetamine lab.  But he was pursued by police not for that, but because somebody had broken into a nearby farmhouse and stolen one box Hostess Crumb Cakes and one box Hostess Ho-Hos.  Who is ho-hoing now? 

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