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Google's Updated Chrome Browser Conflicts with Anti-Virus Software

This week, Google pushed out a new version of Chrome that patched 15 security vulnerabilities, updating the browser to version 28. Full story

Google Chrome Update Fixes 2013's 1st Critical Flaw

The new update for Google's Chrome browser doesn't offer any new features, but it will keep you safe from a number of potential hacks and hijacks. Google has fixed 12 security flaws, including its first critical flaw since December 2012. Full story

Chrome Update Lets You Speak to Google

Google has kept the latest update for its Chrome browser pretty quiet, but it adds a number of features that will please both security junkies and casual users. Chrome 27 fixes 14 major security vulnerabilities, speeds up website load times and adds a voice search similar to what Android users have Full story

Ten South African miners hospitalised after chrome mine clash

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Ten striking miners at a chrome mine in South Africa were admitted to hospital after clashes with security guards, police said. Full story

Google Updates Chrome, Awards $1,000 for Critical Flaw Fix

Google updated its Chrome browser yesterday (March 26) to version number 26, patching two serious security flaws and a number of smaller ones. Full story

Chrome, Firefox, IE Fall Quickly in Hacking Contest

Entrants in this year's Pwn2Own hacking contest defeated the security features of Google Chrome 25, Mozilla Firefox 19 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 on the first day of the contest yesterday (March 6). Full story

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Final Chrome Fixes Made Before Weekend Hack Attack

Google Updates Chrome Browser Ahead of Hacking Contest

Google tests new notification center in latest version of Chrome, bringing Google Now reminders... soon

Jam with Friends on New Chrome Website

Google Patches Chrome with Privacy Enhancements

Pinkie Pie Wins $60K Again for Hacking Chrome

Microsoft, Adobe Patches Beef Up Windows Security

Google's 'Bug Bounty' Program Behind Latest Chrome Fixes

Google Switches On Browser Spy Cam in Chrome


  Pebble Smartwatch Available on iOS & Android

Pebble's smartwatch supports iOS and Android, says Eric Migicovsky, Pebble CEO and co-founder, in discussing potential competition with Apple, Samsung and Google.

  How to find a lost phone on silent

There are some tech trends that every consumer needs to know about, like an app that tries to predict the user’s wants and desires, a gadget that taps into the cable box at home and the solution to trying to find a lost phone, even if its ringer is turned off. TODAY’s Lester Holt interviews TODAY’s