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Is now the worst time to retire? Not even close

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Add this to the growing pile of research that seems designed to scare baby boomers out of their Birkenstocks. A new study from and Research Affiliates, a Newport Beach, California, money management firm, posits that the postwar generation could be retiring at a mo Full story

Detroit bankruptcy tests state pension protections

As the once-proud city of Detroit humbles itself in bankruptcy court, its financial future may hinge on this key question: Is the city obliged to its past? Or can Detroit renege on its promises to thousands of retirees for the sake of its present city services? Full story

A Biotech Investing Strategy for Retirees

Is biotech too risky for retirees? Not necessarily. Here's an investing strategy for putting sizzle in your retirement portfolio. Full story

Snyder on Detroit: 'No other viable options'

   Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder visits Meet the Press to explain the state's decision to declare bankruptcy for the city of Detroit.

Retirees could bear brunt of Detroit bankruptcy

DETROIT (Reuters) - When Paula Kaczmarek moved to Detroit in 1978 to work for the city's public library system, a guarantee of good retirement benefits was a key sweetener that convinced her to leave her previous job in Boston. Full story

Public sector retirees in Detroit worry what’s next

   Former employees fear city’s bankruptcy may have a major impact on their own finances. WDIV’s Roger Weber reports.

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Mont. legislative pension fix faces many hurdles

Detroit city workers, retirees push back on pensions

CalPERS to post 500,000 pensioners' data online

Benefits of SC settlement with NY bank questioned

Make the 4% Retirement Rule Work for You

NY rail retirees in disability scam lose benefits

Do no harm: Protecting retirees in shaky pension plans

Get the lowdown on must-have apps for all ages

Column: Boomers aren't working forever, after all

Column: Transforming your 401(k) into steady income


  Detroit Defaults

The city of Detroit is defaulting on $2.5 billion in debt. It's part of the city's attempt to reinvent itself and get on solid financial footing. It will impact retirees and current city workers, reports CNBC's Mary Thompson.

  Saving the U.S. Debt

David Walker, founder and CEO of Comeback America Initiative, discusses the U.S. debt situation, and how to help cities and states by moving retirees to government exchanges.

  Try these 6 apps for all ages

If you’re still wondering if there’s an app for that, technology reporter Natali Morris shares her picks for teens, young adults and even retirees, from apps to record fun video to apps that remind you to take medications.

  ‘Everyday there’s something to do’ in retirement

Denny and Bonnie Siebert, retirees in Oxford, Miss., home of "Ole Miss" say they didn’t think retirement would be “going somewhere all the time.”  

  Florida retiree voters in their own words

Seniors have become the most coveted voting bloc in the swing state of Florida and some Central Florida retirees shared their concerns with

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The city of Central Falls Rhode Island cut the pension benefits of the Police and Fire Department retirees and their families after the town declared bankruptcy in 2011. Gretchen Ertl for NBCNews

Instead of visiting the golf course or moving to a beachside community, some retirees are choosing the more difficult but ultimately rewarding path of adopting a kid and expanding their family.