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A Peruvian judge has set Jan. 6 as the trial date for Joran van der Sloot in the killing of a Peruvian woman five years to the day after U.S. student Natalee Holloway disappeared.

Image: Joran van der Sloot
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Joran van der Sloot is shown during testimony in Lima, Peru.

The 24-year-old Van der Sloot remains the prime suspect in Holloway's 2005 disappearance on the Caribbean island of Aruba.

Peruvian prosecutors are seeking 30 years in prison for the Dutchman on first-degree murder charges in the killing of Stephany Flores.

Image: Natalee Holloway
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Natalee Holloway
Image: Stephany Flores
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Stephany Flores

Van der Sloot met the 21-year-old Lima student in a casino and took her to his hotel room.

He confessed to the killing but says he became enraged upon finding Flores reading about the Holloway case on his laptop. The laptop contained emails about Holloway's death.

Flores' family and prosecutors contend he planned the killing in order to rob the young woman.

If convicted and sentenced to a 30-year prison term, Van der Sloot would be eligible for parole after serving 10 years.

Van der Sloot fled to Chile after Flores' death but was arrested there and returned to Peru for questioning.

The investigation of the murder of Flores, daughter of a wealthy businessman, brought renewed attention to the case of Holloway, who vanished during a high school graduation trip in the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba, where Van der Sloot was living.

Van der Sloot was arrested twice in the Holloway case but he was never charged due to a lack of evidence. Holloway's family has criticized Dutch authorities for not making more progress in the case.

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Video: Aruba reacts to van der Sloot charges

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    >>> with joran van der sloot now officially charge with a murder of a woman in peru . a crime that took place five years to the day after natalie holloway disappeared in aruba . hey, jeff, good morning.

    >> hey, ann, good morning. from aruba , as you know, the natalie holloway case has haunted this island for many years, i've since it happened. they can't seep to shake a legacy. keep in mind the prime suspect in all this, joran van der sloot , was a local, grew up here. gambled in the casinos around here. but he was never charged. e aruban authorities never had enough evidence. now they say he's not going free this time. parading him before the cameras like a prize, police in peru locked up joran van der sloot last may in the brutal killing of stephanie florez. but no charges until now. prosecutors have officially charged van der sloot with murder, seeking 30 years in prison.

    >> very nice girl. like she was like a friend.

    >> reporter: last year joran himself gave a lengthy jailhouse interview to a dutch tv reporter, and he spoke about the victim, stephanie florez.

    >> i feel really bad that her family -- that her family had to lose a daughter. i think about it all the time.

    >> reporter: florez was a beautiful 21-year-old business student, daughter of a prominent local businessman. prosecutors say van der sloot was after her cash and credit cards , targeting her in a casino. the most powerful evidence, police say, is this surveillance tape from his hotel. you see joran and stephanie walk in. joran later leaves. police say with stephanie 's body inside. peruvian police believe that in room 309 at the hotel tac he savagely attacked stephanie florez, tortured her to obtain her pin numbers.

    >> reporter: joe represented joran during the natalie holloway case.

    >> just the evidence in this case is overwhelmingly strong. it's hard to cross-examine a videotape.

    >> reporter: the kind of evidence police did not have in aruba when natalie disappeared back in 2005 . joran van der sloot was arrested twice in that case but never charged. ultimately set free . word of the new murder charge in peru spread fast here.

    >> we're all relieved. this has been something that has really been very difficult for the island of aruba , especially since he was released and never charged here in aruba .

    >> reporter: late thursday natalie holloway 's mother told nbc news, god bless the peru authorities, perhaps now justice will be served. police and prosecutors aren't only asking for 30 years in prison. they want joran to pay $73,000 to the victim's family. stephanie florez' family in peru . and by the way, ann, the next court hearing in this case is scheduled in less than two weeks from now.

    >> jeff rossen this morning, thank


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