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Md. man held in Aruba sued by insurer

An American Express subsidiary is suing a Maryland man who was jailed for months in Aruba in the suspected death of his traveling companion. Full story

Nude bust for Aruba suspect Gary Giordano

   Gary Giordano, the man held for months in Aruba after the disappearance of his traveling companion, has been arrested in Maryland for indecent exposure. WRC-TV's Jackie Bensen reports.

Gary Giordano breaks silence

   In an interview to air on DATELINE, Gary Giordano tells NBCs News’ Josh Mankiewicz that he probably would not have been held in Aruba for suspicion in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner as long as he was if he had not made the decision to buy life insurance covering himself and his traveling compani

Missing in Paradise, Part 2

   When Robyn Gardner disappears, investigators focus on the actions of her travel companion, Gary Giordano

Missing in Paradise, Part 4

   Gary Giordano's attorney speaks out in his defense.

Missing in Paradise, Part 5

   Gary Giordano's attorney sits down with the Unsolved Case Squad

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Aruba to free suspect in Md. woman's death


  Missing in Paradise, Part 6

Gary Giordano speaks out after his release from an Aruban prison

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