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Cause Celeb highlights a celebrity’s work on behalf of a specific cause. This week, we speak with Suzanne Sena, comedy news anchor, about her support for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and Camp Del Corazon. The Muscular Dystrophy Association provides research funding to find a cure for the disease as well as medical and community services. Camp Del Corazon provides children with heart disease the opportunity to go to summer camp.

Suzanne Sena stars as Brooke Alvarez on the television show “Onion News Network.” Previously she has hosted the show “Celebrity Homes” and has worked as a real new anchor for Fox and CBS.

Interview by: Giacinta Pace
Intro by: Jesse Strauch

Q: Could you tell me the name of the charity you support and what your involvement is?

Sena: I work with the Muscular Dystrophy Association and I just do what ever I can to support them. Sometimes I’ve done nothing more than help make crafts with kids. I used to be a recreation director when I was younger and I just love watching everybody’s little faces and it really takes me out of my crazy world.

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I really just like to do anything that has to do with children. I work with this other wonderful organization called Camp Del Corazon and it’s four children who have diseases of the heart who have to have open heart surgery and they raise money all year long to send them to camp so they can feel just like normal kids.

Q: Why do you choose children’s charities?

Sena: I think growing up in Michigan working at a camp, I just got really used to working with kids. I guess also I feel like I have been able to accomplish a lot in my life and I didn’t know that when I was young, that those things were achievable. So I have this need to let kids know that they can do anything they want, be anything they want, that the world and universe is vast.

I really think that some ones got to tell them because sometimes kids only know what’s around them and if you’re in a disadvantaged family or in a situation where you don’t see much outside your four walls then you don’t know what exists out there so I like to give them hope.

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