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Stacy Brown, a Jackson family friend who is acting as a consultant on the case for MSNBC TV, conducted this interview with Jermaine Jackson.

Jermaine Jackson has found that keeping busy in a recording studio and behind a typewriter has allowed him to ignore constant media reports concerning the legal woes of his younger brother, Michael Jackson.  The elder Jackson, who found success as a solo artist in the 1970’s and 1980’s with hits such as “Daddy’s Home,” “Let’s Get Serious,” and “Let Me Tickle Your Fancy,” has been busy recording new material he hopes to release in the near future.

Jermaine Jackson has also been busy writing a television drama he hopes will catch the attention of networks such as HBO, Showtime, FX, NBC and others. But despite his unwillingness to listen to the constant media reports about Michael Jackson, who is due back in court April 2 for a hearing on the 7 counts of child molestation his faces in Santa Barbara, Calif., Jermaine Jackson couldn’t ignore statements recently attributed to his younger brother’s ex-wife, Lisa Marie Presley, and former CBS Records executive Walter Yetnikoff.

In an exclusive conversation with MSNBC, Jermaine Jackson said many people appear to be trying to cash in on Michael’s misfortunes.

MSNBC: First, let’s talk about your projects, they seem very interesting.
JERMAINE JACKSON: I’m recording a lot of new music, I’m in the studio all the time, non-stop. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s fun.

MSNBC: Does it help you take your mind off things?
JACKSON: It does and I’m getting a lot accomplished. You’ve got to keep moving. Keep busy.

MSNBC: Are you happy with what you’ve done in the studio so far?
JACKSON: Yes. I think everyone will love it. I’m excited.

MSNBC: Is it just you or are you recording with your brothers too?
JACKSON: I’m doing things and we as a family are trying to do things. It would be great to do new material with my brothers. We have a lot of music still in us and I know the fans would love it.

MSNBC: Would you like to tell people about the drama you’re writing?
JACKSON: It’s called “Chicago Times” and it’s about a very wealthy black family who runs a number of high-profile businesses in Chicago. My vision is for it to be like (The 1980’s hit) ‘Dallas’ where you have a character that everybody loves to hate and where you have so many sub-plots. The story is coming along really well too. There are several actors I’ve already spoken with about it and they love it. They all say that a network like HBO, where “Sex and the City” is over now or Showtime, where they’ve canceled ‘Soul Food,’ should like it because it has everything that makes a show great. It has drama, lots of intrigue, a great plot, loads of juicy sub-plots and it’s original. It’s a can’t miss. Viewers will be tuning in with great interest all the time.

MSNBC: What else is in store?
JACKSON: Lots of stuff. I’m doing so much. You’ll see.

MSNBC: I know that you don’t want to talk much about your brother and his current problems, but I must get your thoughts on a couple of things.

JACKSON: Go ahead. Just a couple of things.

MSNBC: During a recent interview with an Australian television reporter, Lisa Marie Presley, intimated that she knew things, which, of course, was easily interpreted as perhaps she saw inappropriate behavior between Michael and young children. Today, she released a statement that read, in part, “Unfortunately due to the recent media frenzy surrounding Michael Jackson, my comments on a recent Australian television interview regarding him were completely taken out of context and erroneously read into. In saying “I saw things” I was specifically referring to things in that relationship with us, that went on between us, at the time as husband and wife and that dynamic.” Jermaine, what do you make of her comments?
JACKSON: Why would she say any of that stuff in the first place? I don’t understand why would she do that. I think everybody wants attention and they are using my brother where they can to get the attention.

MSNBC: And Lisa Marie Presley’s comments come on the heels of former CBS Records president Walter Yetnikoff’s new book “Howling At The Moon,” where he calls Michael “weird” and says your brother “was a strange guy, a little baby.”
JACKSON: I don’t know why these types of books continue to get published. All this negativity. Why can’t they publish a book that’s positive? That’s what I’d like to do, a positive story. Yetnikoff is obviously just trying to sell his book with those comments. What is sad is that everybody is trying to kick Michael while he’s down. I will say that once this (molestation case) is over, he’s now got to know without a doubt who his real friends and enemies are.


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