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    >> hillary clinton is on a visit to myanmar and pledging to help bring democracy there. ian williams has the latest on her trip. ian, good morning to you.

    >> reporter: good morning, matt, from the lakeside home of ang san suu kyi . today she played host to the secretary of state. a stroll in the garden of a house that's also been a prison for 15 of the last 21 years during which suu kyi was kept in almost total isolation. this meeting comes a year after a her release. today talk of working to hasten the pace of democratic change .

    >> we hold the dream you have represented to many of us around the world. we want to be a partner with you, with the new government and with all people of goodwill.

    >> reporter: behind myanmar 's stunning facade lies grinding poverty. they spoke of stepping up if u.s. and others to a closed state. suu kyi said she was happy with the u.s. engablging burma.

    >> this will be the beginning of a new future for all of us providing we can maintain it and we hope to.

    >> reporter: they appeared at ease together and it seemed a momentous moment for both of them. a short distance away, we witnessed the scramble to distribute the day's newspapers. with censorship eased there is a story worth reading. for two decades this lakeside home has been a symbol of resistance. now as myanmar begins to open up it's a symbol of hope for people hungry for change. secretary clinton is now on her way home, leaving a country at the beginning of a surprising reform process that's not just a challenge for myanmar but for u.s. policy in this region. matt?

    >> ian williams reporting for us. thank you very much.

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