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updated 3/18/2004 12:22:33 PM ET 2004-03-18T17:22:33

It’s the newest catchphrase sweeping the nation, taking its place alongside “You are the weakest link!” and “Where‘s the beef?” "You're Fired!" is one of the newest media-spawned catchphrases that eventually will annoy this nation. 

“You’re fired,” pronounced “Yuh Fyed,” as The Donald says it, are no longer words to be feared, thanks to everybody‘s favorite celebrity employer.

Just last week Bloomingdale’s has announced a new line of tank tops and t-shirts featuring the phrase. (Cost: $24.00-36.00.)

And now, other celebrities have gotten into the craze: Courtney Love, in court before a judge on drug charges, told her lawyer, “You‘re fired!”   (The judge, already at the end of his rope because Ms. Love was two hours late, said she is not helping her case at all, at which point Love then screams, “Rehired!”) 

“I remember the first time I had to fire somebody,” recalled Donald Trump while talking to Oprah Winfrey.  “It‘s business.  You do it.  I love doing it if someone really deserves.”

Trump and his catchphrase –are so popular, he’s going to be hosting “Saturday Night Live” in two weeks.  And according to “The New York Post” gossip pages, scalpers are supposedly getting $10,000 per ticket for audience seats to the April 15 finale of the show.

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