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It seems that some people were surprised at the latest terror threats to France.  A previously unknown Islamic group is threatening to make “blood run to their borders.”

France opposed the U.S. war in Iraq. The French have been cozy with many Arab nations.  As they‘re learning, that's irrelevant.  And anyone who thinks these groups can be appeased just doesn't get it.

The new threat is coming from a group calling itself "Servants of Allah, the Powerful and Wise," and they‘re being taken seriously by authorities. The group claims the new French law banning head scarves in schools is one of the “signs they needed to move forward with their attack.” A signal from Bin Laden‘s second in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and some other secret signal will, they say, will trigger the attack and “plunge France into terror and remorse.”

The Europeans in particular have to recognize that giving in to the terrorists won‘t protect them. The Spanish will be no more immune from terror now that they voted out the incumbents days after the Madrid terror attacks. Almost all Spanish election experts agree, it was the bombing that changed the outcome of that election.

The ultimately victorious Socialist party unsuccessfully attempted to make Spanish soldiers in Iraq the central issue in the campaign. Most Spaniards opposed having their troops there, but they still seemed ready to re-elect the incumbents by five to nine percent. Then the Spanish people succumbed to fear, just as the terrorists would have hoped.

But remember, the only way al Qaeda will be satisfied is when all nations make Islam the official state religion. Without an oppressive Taliban style government in power, they won‘t be satisfied.

In the meantime, their only goal is murder, mayhem, and chaos. Attributing any rationality to their actions is not just foolish, but downright dangerous.

Al Qaeda will not get what it wants. So the only solution is to beat them, to defeat them, and to never let them think they‘re gaining ground.

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