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PoliticsNation, Thursday, December 8th, 2011

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Guests: Valerie Jarrett, Bill Press, Alicia Menendez, Bob Shrum, Jonathan
Capehart, Deirdre MacNab, Michael Baisden

the GOP and refuses to back down on the fight for fairness.

Watch out one percenters -- Elizabeth warren rising. This middle
class warrior now shooting past Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate

And block the vote -- tonight, where`s the fraud, fallout from my
interview with the Florida Republican who couldn`t or wouldn`t answer the
key question.


SHARPTON: Has there been widespread voter fraud in Florida?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don`t think we want to wait until voter fraud.

SHARPTON: You`re saying you`re doing this because you may think there
may be fraud?


SHARPTON: Welcome to POLITICSNATION. I`m Al Sharpton. Today
Republicans had two chances to do the right thing, two chances to help the
middle class and ask the rich to do their fair share. The Republicans
failed both times, and the president called them out on it.


country where everybody fences for themselves, or we create a country where
everybody does their fair share, everybody`s got a fair chance, and we
ensure that there`s fair play out there.


SHARPTON: Fair play must be a tough concept for Republicans to grasp.
Time and again today they fought against fair play. Forty-four Republican
senators filibustered the appointment of Richard Cordray to head up an
agency aimed at helping consumers. Those 44 Republicans represent these
states. Apparently they think people in their states don`t need someone on
their side. Apparently they think their constituents want banks to run

Just look at the great state of Maine. Both these senators voted for
financial reform, but today Susan Collins voted against Cordray. And
Olympia Snowe, she didn`t even vote yes or no. She voted present. How`s
that`s for a profile in courage?

Today the president made it clear, he won`t stand for that.


OBAMA: We are not going to allow politics as usual on Capitol Hill to
stand in the way of American consumers being protected by unscrupulous
financial operators. What they need to do is be focused on what`s good for
the economy, what`s good for jobs, and what`s good for the American people.


SHARPTON: Republicans should be focused on what`s good for the
American people but they are not. Once again today Senate Republicans
voted against putting $1,500 in the pockets of 160 million Americans
because of a tax on 345,000 millionaires. And Republicans in the House are
no better. They`re calling for a payroll plan that would reduce
unemployment benefits by 40 weeks -- 40 weeks. How is that looking out for
the 99 percent? I hope they like Christmas in Washington, because if
Republicans don`t change their ways, that`s what they`re going to get.


OBAMA: Get it done. And if not, you know, maybe we`ll have a, you
know, a white Christmas here in Washington. And I look forward to spending
a lot of time with you guys.


SHARPTON: Joining me from the north lawn of the White House is
Valerie Jarrett, White House senior adviser and assistant to President
Obama. Ms. Jarrett, thanks as always, for coming on the show tonight.

Sharpton. How are you this evening?

SHARPTON: Great, great.


SHARPTON: Republicans keep blocking the president`s nominees,
recently a circuit court judge, today Richard Corday. It`s almost as if
they left the president with no options other than to use maybe recess
appointments. Is that what they`re trying to force him to do?

JARRETT: As the president said today, Reverend Sharpton, he`s not
precluding any options available to him. He is determined to get Rich
Cordray confirmed. We still have plenty of time this year for Congress to
act and to approve him. We still have plenty of time this year, 23 days
and counting, for them to extend the payroll and the unemployment
insurance, and the president said today emphatically we`re not going to go
home on vacation until we act on both of those very important measures.

The middle class, it`s a make-or-break time for them, Reverend
Sharpton. They can`t afford to wait. Congress needs to act.

SHARPTON: Now, when we hear today the House come back and saying that
they will extend the payroll tax if we would lessen from 99 weeks by 40
weeks the unemployment insurance, I mean, this is absolutely saying we
don`t care about working-class people. If you want us to give them some
money, we`re going to lessen those that are forced onto unemployment

JARRETT: That doesn`t make any sense at all. As the president said a
couple days ago in Kansas, what we have seen over the last several years is
those at the high income level are earning more money, their investments
are growing exponentially, while, Reverend Sharpton, everybody else is
being left behind.

And this is a country where, you know, no matter where you come from,
no matter what your background, you can -- if you`re innovative and work
hard, you can succeed. And people are beginning to feel that American
dream is falling away from them.

So in this economic time, as tough as things are we need to make sure
we are looking out for people. We need to make sure that their taxes don`t
go up. You`ve talked often on this show, Reverend Sharpton. about this
pledge that the Republicans have taken that they`re not going to let any
taxes go up and that`s why they`re fighting so hard to protect the very
income taxes. What about everybody else? They`ll take $1,500 out of the
hard-working Americans? They`re not even extending last year`s plan. That
will cost average Americans $1,000 next year. Do you know how many
groceries that can buy? Do you how many presents for their children? My
goodness, just the essentials of life. And they`re prepared to just walk

The president said today, no. He`s going to hold them here. He`s
going to say forget vacation. How can we go on vacation when people are
struggling so hard? And he`s calling on the Republicans to do what they
were elected to do. Do their job and look out for the people who put them
in office.

SHARPTON: So the president has said that he is willing to stay there
throughout the Christmas holiday, keep them there. We`ve got to deal with
this payroll tax cut. We have to deal with unemployment insurance. There
are vital things that American people need, and how can American people go
over the holidays not knowing where and how Congress will vote on things
that are so vital.

JARRETT: Exactly. He`s going to demand that Congress stay right here
along with him. He`s going to be prepared to stay here to the bitter end,
and he`s going to expect them to do the same. You can`t imagine how people
can go away on vacation knowing what will happen on January 1 both in terms
of the unemployment insurance and the payroll tax, which is going to take
$1,000 out of their pocket.

SHARPTON: Let me clear on thing up while I have you, because some
people say why didn`t we get a lot of things done when the Democrats and
the president controlled everything. But we had record filibustering
before we lost the 60 votes in the Senate, then when you lost the 60 votes
in the Senate to make it veto-proof. Then all of a sudden, everything the
president proposed was blocked almost from every almost from a federal
judge nomination to appointments. So it really was always a battle between
this Congress, the Senate and the president since he got in office.

JARRETT: And from day one, from day one, both the Senate, because we
don`t have 60 votes in the Senate, and the House, have done everything they
can, the Republicans on both sides, to stop the president`s agenda, to slow
down all of his confirmations. Every president deserves to have a team in
place. They at least deserve an up-and-down vote.

Why would you filibuster, for example, today on Rich Cordray? He has
bipartisan support from attorneys general around the country. He has a
U.S. conference of mayors right there appreciating what he would do to look
out for consumers who need some protection.

We just saw three years ago -- does everybody have amnesia about what
happened when very few took risks who had a cascading impact around this
country, touching millions of Americans? Don`t they deserve a consumer
financial protect bureau headed with somebody with the outstanding
qualifications of Rich Cordray to look out for the consumer every day? And
doesn`t he at least deserve an up or down vote, not a filibuster. Be
prepared to just give him a vote. That`s what we`re asking for.

And we need that agency and we need it desperately. Every day that
goes by where we don`t have a head of that agency confirmed, not only are
we missing the advantage of having the agency run by somebody with his
qualifications, but also under the Dodd-Frank legislation, many of the
powers of the agency don`t kick in until you have someone confirmed. So
Reverend Sharpton, for example, payday lenders, mortgage lenders, debt
collectors, all of them are unregulated until we have a director in place.

So time is wasting. Every day counts. Congress needs to move
forward. The Republicans need to come on board and do their job.

SHARPTON: White house senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, thank you
again for coming on the show tonight.

JARRETT: You`re welcome, Reverend Sharpton. I got all worked up.
Any time.

SHARPTON: I`m glad you keep getting worked up.

JARRETT: Thank you, sir.

SHARPTON: Coming up, President Obama`s response to Republicans who
attack him on foreign policy.


OBAMA: Ask Usama bin Laden and the 22 out of 30 top Al Qaeda leaders
who have been taken off the field whether I engage in appeasement.


SHARPTON: Elizabeth Warren is running high and riding even higher,
and the one percent is running scared.

And a sneak preview at Willard`s secret plan to take down Newt.
You`re watching POLITICSNATION with Al Sharpton on MSNBC.


SHARPTON: Hey, Republicans, you want to accuse the president of
appeasing America`s enemies? If you do, get ready for this.


OBAMA: Ask Usama bin Laden and the 22 out of 30 top Al Qaeda leaders
who have been taken off the field when I engage in appeasement. Or whoever
is left out there, ask them about that.


SHARPTON: The president is also slamming Republicans on the key issue
that will drive the election -- fairness.


OBAMA: We are in a make-or-break moment when it comes to America`s
middle class. We either have a country where everybody fends for
themselves or we create a country where everybody does their fair share,
everybody has got a fair chance.


SHARPTON: Americans agree with him, as 76 percent say the economy is
out of balance and favors the rich.

Joining me now is Bill Press, host of "The Bill Press Show" on Sirius
XM radio, and Alicia Menendez, a senior adviser for the New Democrat
Network. Thank you both for joining me.

BILL PRESS, HOST, "THE BILL PRESS SHOW": Hi, Reverend Al, good to see

SHARPTON: Bill, let`s start with you. Today`s dramatic statement
from the president -- do Republicans really think they can argue foreign
policy with the guy who took out bin Laden?

PRESS: Reverend, I have to tell you, I just said bravo. I cheered
when he said that today, because they had planned all along to paint
President Obama as soft on terror. It ain`t going to work. I think we
showed today if they try, the president will fire right back at them. It`s
not just Usama bin Laden. It`s Moammar Gadhafi, it`s Anwar al Awlaki.
It`s 20 of the 30 top Al Qaeda leaders. This guy has proven he`s as tough
as nails when it comes to terror.

And by the way, they never complained, right, when George Bush used
the 9/11 argument over and over and over again. So I think President
Obama, he shot one across their bow today and said don`t even try that.

SHARPTON: Alicia, is it that they have the only play book and just
don`t know how to catch up with today`s times? They`re playing a song
that`s outdated?

ALICIA MENENDEZ, NEW DEMOCRAT NETWORK: They have an old playbook in
so many ways. But yes, this is certainly one. Everything Bill said is

Additionally, you look at polling numbers, and 77 percent of Americans
agree with the way Obama has handled our situation in Iraq, very excited
that he`s bringing our troops, also agree with the way he`s handled
sanctions against Iran. So across the board you have a presidency that has
been surprisingly successful when it comes to foreign policy. Republicans
are used to this being the sweet spot. They`re not going to hit him here.

SHARPTON: Let me ask you this, Bill. The Priorities USA is hitting
Republicans in a new spot targeting Iowa voters for supporting taxing the
middle class instead of the wealthy, and it features a special guest
appearance from a very respected Republican. Watch this.


RONALD REAGAN, (R) FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT: They sometimes made it
possible for millionaires to pay nothing while a about us driver was paying
10 percent of his salary. And that`s crazy. Do you think the millionaire
ought to pay more?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ronald Reagan supported millionaires paying their
fair share. Don`t you?


SHARPTON: This is an interesting spot geared toward Iowa voters.
Bill, what do you think?

PRESS: First of all, I think it`s a great spot on the part of
Priorities USA and Bill Burton. This is a week for channeling Republicans.
President Obama was channeling Teddy Roosevelt out in Kansas a couple days
ago where Teddy Roosevelt called for a progressive income tax and he called
for cracking down on the corporations, and he called for fairness,
fairness, and talked about what a problem this income and equality is in
the country at that time. And now they`re showing that even Ronald Reagan
talked about fairness and how unfair it is that the millionaires are paying
a lower rate of taxes than the people that work for them, the argument that
Warren Buffett has made.

Look, I think President Obama has found the issue, particularly when
he can back that up with Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, take this thing
all the way to the bank.

SHARPTON: Let them debate Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan from now
until next November. Alicia, they are attacking the president from across
the board. Look at this montage of Republicans attacks just this week.


enterprise. He is opposed to capitalism. He is opposed to everything
which made Americas great.

MITT ROMNEY, (R) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: He is seeking to replace our
merit-based society with an entitlement society.

GINGRICH: Really poor children in really poor neighborhoods have no
habits of working. What if they became assistant janitors and their job
was to mop the floor and clean the bathrooms?

ROMNEY: These people exert the effort the takes the risks inherent in
inventing and creating things. They employ and lift of rest of us,
creating prosperity for all of us.


SHARPTON: Now, these are attacks going across the board by
Republicans, but these are the two top guys. If the primaries were
concluded tonight, or concluding tonight, one of those two would be facing
President Obama. How do we deal with this kind of illogic, the consistent
kind of attacks that the leading candidates are launching at the president?

MENENDEZ: The beauty of this is that they`re not just launching
attacks against the president. They`re launching attacks against all of us
who don`t include ourselves in the one percent. When you talk about poor
neighborhood, poor family, a lot of us come from those communities, and we
understand that those people work harder than most Americans, that they`re
looking for opportunities.

And I think they have simply lost their way. For so long they got to
have the economic conversation they wanted to have about the debt and the
deficit, and that was an easy conversation. Now that they conversation is
turning to what the government can do for everyday Americans, how you weigh
the interests of 160 million families versus the interests of the top one
percent, that`s a conversation that works in Democrats` favor. So I think
if I were President Obama`s team, I would allow them to wield as many of
these attacks as they wanted because I think ultimately they play to his

PRESS: You know, Reverend Al, it`s not illogic here, they`re outright
lies. They keep telling these lies, and they think President Obama is out
there scoring because he`s telling the truth. If I can, just a second pick
up on what Alicia was saying, we have seen a dramatic reversal in the last
two or three months. Last summer we were talking debt reduction, and the
Republicans were in charge, the White House was floundering, Democrats were
panicking. Now all the Democrats are talking jobs. Democrats are clearly
in charge and the Republicans are panicked and floundering.

SHARPTON: And a lot of that is the activism will continue. We have
25 cities organized tomorrow on jobs and justice. We`re not giving them
the conversation back. Alicia Menendez and Bill Press, thank you both for
your time.

PRESS: Reverend Al, good to see you.

SHARPTON: Ahead, Trump the shark, another Republican standing up to
the Donald. His lame excuse -- I`m on a bus tour.

Ahead, Willard goes on offense. We obtained an e-mail from the Romney
team with their plan to take down Newt.

And how scared are Republicans of Elizabeth Warren? Karl Rove is on
the attack with the most bizarre attack ad of the year.


SHARPTON: It looks like Donald Trump`s first gig as debate moderator
may also be his last. Today Rick Perry became the latest Republican to
reject the Donald`s invite to the News Max GOP debate, claiming he`s too
busy to make it.


really -- I talked to Donald the day before yesterday and I told him I
really want to do it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He`s got helicopters. Say if you want me, bring
me in one of your helicopters.

PERRY: That`s a good idea. I`m not sure he`ll do that for me.


SHARPTON: With Perry out, only Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have
agreed to attend. And tonight Santorum blasted the other Republicans.
Quote, "Many of my opponents jockeyed to be the first to fly up to New York
and use Donald Trump for a photo-op and no doubt try and secure an
endorsement. But when Donald wants to moderate a debate, they refuse to
attend. That`s what wrong with politics today - hypocrisy."

But Trump claims he`s just fine with it.


have Newt and we do have Santorum, who in all fairness, showed a certain
degree of courage. And Newt has been amazing. He`s been a rocket ship.
What`s happened in the last few weeks is really unprecedented.


SHARPTON: Newt may be a rocket ship, but Willard has a plan to bring
him down to earth. We`ll talk about that, next.


SHARPTON: Welcome back to POLITICS NATION. We all knew it was only a
matter of time. Now, the attack is under way. Willard Romney launched his
offensive against Newt Gingrich today. NBC News obtained an e-mail sent
from the Romney camp to supporters on Capitol Hill. It details new talking
points on how to attack Gingrich. Among them, Newt Gingrich opposed Paul
Ryan`s conservative budget plan. Calling it, quote, "right-wing social
engineering." He had no real-world economy experience. He creates
theories, Mitt creates jobs, and Mitt Romney is the only candidate who can
beat Barack Obama.

And Romney is getting personal, his new ad is fill with shots of his
family life, and marriage, and a direct slam at Newt`s character flaws.
And he`s also unleashing his top attack dogs. Here`s Chris Christie in
Iowa last night.


GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE (R), NEW JERSEY: Politicians can be talk to fake
a lot of things. You can`t fake that. This is someone who I have come to
know has an extraordinary heart. He loves his wife, he loves his children,
first and foremost when you look at these candidates and you say, is this
the kind of person who always going to make me proud in the Oval Office and
never have to worry will embarrass America? That I never will have to
worry won`t do something that just will make me ashamed. He just won`t.

SHARPTON: And today, the Romney team painting Newt as a fake
conservative. Can Newt handle the heat?

Joining me now, Bob Shrum, democratic strategist and professor at New
York University. And Jonathan Capehart, opinion writer for "The Washington
Post," and MSNBC contributor. Great to have you both here tonight.



SHARPTON: Bob, is the attack plan for Willard going to work? I mean,
this is getting down to the wire, very serious for Willard. Well, this
going to be a big gang-up on Gingrich, Sean, not only with these ads, but
in that debate tomorrow night, and in the coming weeks. And we`re going to
find out whether he`s made of Teflon. What happens is, I think is that he
speaks to the heart of Republicans, he speaks to their emotions, they`ve
decided this genuinely conservative. That`s why they`ve moved to him. And
Romney had no choice but to attack him, because he`s built up massively,
it`s not only nationally but in state after state, he`s catching up in New
Hampshire. The difficulty, I think is that Romney doesn`t have a case to
make for himself. And the case he`s making to the head of republican
voters is that he`s the one who`s electable where there are wrap of new
polls out today that shows that case is dubious around the edge of this.
So, I think he`s got a realty mountain to climb here.

SHARPTON: Jonathan, when you look at this, when Newt Gingrich was on
"Meet the Press," and this is what he said about the Ryan plan.


DAVID GREGORY, HOST, "MEET THE PRESS": Do you think that Republicans
ought to buck the public opposition and really moved forward to completely
change Medicare?

social engineering is any more desirable than left-wing social engineering.


SHARPTON: Now, the Romney camp sent out this press release attacking
Newt for his comment. The release clearly is attacking Newt`s and
associating Willard closer with the Ryan plan. So, are we going to see,
now, Jonathan, Romney trying to make himself the authentic conservative go
after Mr. Gingrich as the convenient conservative that can`t be trusted?
And will that be sold to people that have seemingly so far throughout this
process not trusted Romney as one of their owns in terms of those that are
in the conservative arm of the Republican Party?

CAPEHART: Well, look, there`s a reason why Mitt Romney is latching on
to what Newt Gingrich said about Paul Ryan. Remember, the moment Newt
Gingrich said that to David Gregory in "Meet the Press" about the Paul Ryan
budget, all hell broke loose against Newt Gingrich. People on Capitol
Hill, die-hard conservatives turned on Newt and asked what on earth are you
doing? This was the main vehicle, the main opposition, legislative vehicle
that they were going to use against President Obama, and he just -- he
trashed it. He just -- he spit all over it. So, to remind people of why
they got angry with Newt Gingrich in the first place is, I think is one of
the many things that Mitt Romney is now doing to try to pull -- basically
pull down Newt Gingrich from the massive leads, as Bob was just, you know,
pointing out, the massive leads that Newt Gingrich has built up just in a
matter of a couple weeks over Mitt Romney.

SHARPTON: Well, but Jonathan is saying that`s one of the many things
he`s trying, but when they asked Newt about it today, Bob, this is what he
said, no big thing.


GINGRICH: I`m going to stay positive, I`m going to talk about how we
solve the country`s problems and I have one opponent, Barack Obama, and
that`s how our campaigns will keep moving forward. Others are allowed to
do what they want to.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Do you think he`s attacking you on a really
personal level though?

GINGRICH: No, no, he`s fine.


SHARPTON: No, big thing. He`s fine, I`m running against Barack

SHRUM: I think Newt looks uncharacteristically adult. Everybody has
predicted that he was going to blow up, implode, step in it. I mean, that
response is pitch-perfect. And Jonathan is right. Mitt Romney is now
reduced to an argument which says, the other guy is worse than I am. Maybe
you don`t trust me, but you can`t trust him, either. And I don`t think
that argument is going to will gain traction in the Republican Party. I
think these folks believe that Newt Gingrich is a conservative. And by the
way, he is a conservative, and his criticism of the Ryan plan is something
he`s walked back long ago. And you notice this time when Romney puts that
out there, there`s not much of a reaction from people. That`s because they
look at this guy leading and they`re not sure what`s going to happen.

SHARPTON: Well, talking about leading and Jonathan, you mention how
far his gone. Look at this new poll. Gingrich in Florida 35, Romney, 22,
Ohio, 36, Romney 18. Thirty one percent Gingrich in Pennsylvania.
Seventeen percent for Romney. I mean, every poll gets worser and worser,
as we say, for the Willard. And you know, I don`t know where the bottom
is. He keeps dropping.

CAPEHART: Right. He keeps dropping. The problem -- here`s the one
silver lining that there is for Mitt Romney. Newt Gingrich is trying to
build the plane as he`s flying it. His campaign operation isn`t nearly
where it should be in Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina, a lot of
other places as compared to Mitt Romney`s. And so, I think what the Romney
folks are hoping for is that, because Newt Gingrich doesn`t have the
campaign apparatus that he needs, that he`ll stumble. And that`s why
you`re seeing all of these attacks both from Mitt Romney, from surrogates
like Jim -- I think it was Jim Talon (ph) today and John Sununu, going
after Newt Gingrich both on substance and policy, but also the personal
talking about Newt Gingrich`s character, his leadership abilities, the
chaos that ensued the capitol, then engulfed the capital when he was the
speaker. They`re coming at Newt Gingrich from all sided hoping that while
he`s trying to build that plane and fly it, they can bring it down.

SHARPTON: Now, let me ask you this, Bob. We have to go but we just
learned that Michele Bachmann has now officially said, she`s not going to
the Donald Trump Newsmax debate. So, now Mr. Trump only has Mr. Gingrich
and Mr. Santorum. Is this the uncrowning of the Donald? I mean, he can`t
get everybody to the debate clearly because of him. Does this take away a
lot of his perceived influence?

SHRUM: Oh, sure. Look, to get attention, Rick Santorum would go to
the opening of a can.


Newt Gingrich is going to this debate, because he believes Donald
Trump is going to endorse him, and you know what? He probably is.

SHARPTON: Bob Shrum and Jonathan Capehart, thank you very much.

SHRUM: Thank you.

SHARPTON: Ahead, Karl Rove launches a new attack on Elizabeth Warren.
Now, you know, Republicans are scared. Radio superstar Michael Bay is here
to talk about Warren`s fight for fairness.

And I`ve been flooded with e-mails and tweets all day about my
interview with this Florida rep who sponsored a radical voter law.


REP. DENNIS BAXLEY, FLORIDA: We have accountability. We`re not going
to wait for fraud. Government`s all the time accused of waiting until
there`s a big problem. We don`t need that.


SHARPTON: Now, waiting for fraud is not what we`re doing? Huh? Not
waiting for fraud. They call it suppression. We`ll talk about that

Our block on the vote series, the block, the vote series continues,


SHARPTON: Karl Rove goes after Elizabeth Warren? Amazing. We`ll
talk to radio Superstar Michael Baisden about that and other issues, coming


SHARPTON: Welcome back. In the block the vote last night, we heard
from one of the sponsors of Florida`s new voting law. He`s State
Representative Dennis Baxley. Here`s what he said when I asked him what
voting fraud prompted the need for this new law.


REP. DENNIS BAXLEY, FLORIDA: I don`t think we want to wait until
voter fraud. I think since the last election, we`ve reviewed the process,
we`re going to have very close elections in Florida.


SHARPTON: What? So, I tried it again.


BAXLEY: For credibility in the election, we have to have credible
results in close elections.


SHARPTON: OK. So voting fraud was not a problem. Now we`re getting
somewhere. In fact, there were 31 cases of alleged voting fraud in three
years in Florida. More than 18 million votes were cast in that period.
That`s two tenths thousand of one percent, that`s 0.0002. He did try the
old trick of using one example to claim a larger problem.


BAXLEY: Did you know Mickey Mouse registered to vote last time?


SHARPTON: The Mickey Mouse cut. Really, Mr. Baxley? Sorry. But
that absurd claim has already been checked out. The verdict -- false.

Here`s the quote from PolitiFact. "Orange County election officials
rejected his application, so Mickey was never officially registered to
vote." So, Mr. Baxley, the only thing Mickey Mouse was, was your argument,
and if that was your argument, it was a very poor one. But Baxley`s worst
moment came when I asked him this.


SHARPTON: State Senator Michael Bennett justified the law with this
line. He says, voting is a hard-fought privilege. This is something
people died for. Why should we make it easier?" This is Michael Bennett,
president Pro Tempore. I mean, what do you mean why should you make it
easier? We`re supposed to live in a democracy? Why should we be making it
harder, Mr. Baxley?

BAXLEY: We want people to participate in the total process. Go ahead
and register, so you get all the election information. We`re not stopping
them from voting.



SHARPTON: The law will stop people from voting. This week I spoke to
Congressman John Lewis about this nationwide voter suppression effort. He
knows something about the fight for voting rights. He as nearly beaten to
death in Selma, Alabama in 1965 marching about it.


REP. JOHN LEWIS (D), GEORGIA: One person, one vote, that is part of
our democratic process, and it`s part of our democracy, and now people want
to make it hard, want to make it difficult, with photo IDs in early voting.
We cannot go back. We`ve come too far. People suffered too hard, and too
many of our people bled and died for the simple right to cast a vote.


SHARPTON: We won`t go back. That`s why tomorrow in 25 cities,
National Action Network and labor unions are marching against the injustice
of voter suppression and for jobs. And we intend to keep the pressure on.
Joining me again tonight is Deidre MacNab, president of the League of Women
Voters of Florida. Here to respond to some of Representative Baxley`s
comments. Thank you for coming back, Deirdre.


SHARPTON: Representative Baxley made some pretty big claims about
your group. I want to play them to you.


SHARPTON: You`re talking about the league of women voters and you
were sitting here talking as if it doesn`t matter.

BAXLEY: Well, I don`t know exactly how nonpartisan they are but.

SHARPTON: Oh, really?

BAXLEY: Yes. That`s right.

SHARPTON: So, the League of Women Voters are not nonpartisan?

BAXLEY: Well, that`s what their title is, but I don`t see them
functioning that way. Most of the things that they advocate are very much
in line with the Democratic Party.

SHARPTON: So, what are you saying? That they are being partisan?
Are you accusing the League of Women Voters of being partisan?

BAXLEY: They are very partisan.


SHARPTON: Is the League of Women Voters a partisan group, Deirdre?

MACNAB: Thank you for the question, Reverend. And we would tell
Representative Baxley and any others that for 92 years, the League of Women
voters has been cited as one of the most trusted not-for-profit
organizations in the world for their provision of information to voters,
for 92 years our members have volunteered to make democracy easier and to
bring eligible voters into our electoral process. And for 92 years, we had
never endorsed a candidate, and never endorsed a party. I think what we
saw last night was an effort to do and to use one of the old oldest tactics
in politics, and that is to try to move listeners away from the substance
of the issue. And the substance of the issue is an attack on our voting
rights, all people, all parties, and this is something that the League of
Women Voters will not allow to stand. We are fighting it in the courts.

SHARPTON: Tell us how you fight it in the courts. What is the basis
of the lawsuit the League of Women Voters have against the State of

MACNAB: Right now, we are a co-defendant with the Department of
Justice, the Secretary of State of Florida moved the four worse parts of
the new voting law to the courts rather than having it cleared through the
Department of Justice. And we have entered -- intervened in the case along
with, I might add, some of our supervisors of election in the State of
Florida, who are both republican and democrat to fight what we believe is
not in the best interests and is going to damage Florida citizens` access
and ease of being ability to cast their vote.

SHARPTON: Now, could this law be blocked before the next election?
Can this lawsuit that you have filed enjoin this law? And what is the
possibility of stopping this law from going into effect that would affect
the 2012 election?

MACNAB: Well, right now, we`re taking it step by step through the
judicial process. The first step is with the process of clearance and so
we are first in the first step. We will see where we go to next, but you
can be sure that the League of Women Voters and other organizations that
care about access to voting in our state are going to be putting out all
the tools and fight that we can to make sure that Florida voters have
untrammeled access to their voting rights. We believe that it`s the
single-most essentially right in this country, is the right that protects
all other rights. It transcends all party lines, and we urge those people
who are listening tonight if they agree that this is un-American and
unacceptable, that they let their legislators and their Congress people
know. This is not just happening in Florida, as you have been telling your

SHARPTON: That`s right.

MACNAB: So, people who are watching, who are concerned about it, and
I hope they are, they need to pick up the telephone tomorrow and they need
to let their elected officials know that trying to tamper with our most
precious right in this country is absolutely un-American and unacceptable.

SHARPTON: I`ve got to go. I think you`re right, and I hope people
will do that and join us all over the country. Deidre MacNab, president of
the League of Women Voters of Florida, thank you for your time tonight.

MACNAB: Thank you.

SHARPTON: And tomorrow night, we finish our "Block the Vote" series
with a very special interview with Congressman John Lewis. And as I
mentioned, he nearly died marching for voter rights in 1965.

Straight ahead, the middle-class fighter is surging. Elizabeth Warren
is in command and Karl Rove is attacking. Talk radio Superstar Michael
Baisden on why the Warren message is resonating.


SHARPTON: Finally, tonight, the fight for fairness is sweeping the
country, way before occupy movement took off, Elizabeth Warren was talking
about the 99 percent. She was never afraid to stand up to banks and fought
tirelessly for consumer protection. That fight has her surging in the
Massachusetts Senate polls -- Senate race polls that shows Warren ahead of
republican opponent Scott Brown by seven points. And the republican
establishment is scared. Karl Rove`s group has a bogus new attack ad out


voice in the room on behalf of middle-class families.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Really? Congress had Warren oversee how your tax
dollars were spent, bailing out the same banks that helps cost the
financial down, bailouts that helped pay big bonuses to bank executives
while middle-class Americans lost out.


SHARPTON: Painting Elizabeth Warren as a bank supporter? They should
be scared. Joining me now is author, nationally syndicated radio host,
all-around superstar, Michael Baisden. Michael, great to have you here.

MICHAEL BAISDEN, SYNDICATED RADIO HOST: Thanks for the introduction,
Rev, how are you doing?

SHARPTON: I`m great. I`m great. Karl Rove is going after Elizabeth
Warren. So, you really must be sure the Republicans word. Now, I listen
to you, and you go from hard party and fun to serious stuff.

BAISDEN: Absolutely.

SHARPTON: And you`ve been dealing with this whole question of
fairness, economic justice, and you`ve been supporting the message of
Elizabeth Warren a long time.

BAISDEN: I love Elizabeth Warren. I mean, I think she`s the model of
what we want all that politicians to be right, very forthright, passionate,
you know, we want to know passionate in our leaders. And one thing that
she say, I don`t know if you saw the YouTube video that she had out, that
was really great. When she talked about how, you know, if you`re rich,
take your money, take a large bit of your money, but don`t forget you
didn`t get rich by yourself. And actually, I used that as inspiration for
the million dollar pitch when I donated a half million dollars. Because I
didn`t get here by myself, you didn`t get here by yourself, right? For
whatever reason, people become rich and they get amnesia and believe that
somehow magically appeared. So, she has been a huge inspiration.

SHARPTON: She got 800,000 YouTube hits on that.

BAISDEN: How about that?

SHARPTON: On the same line, let me show you this. Newt Gingrich said
this about, well, let`s -- it`s the opposite of Ms. Warren. Let`s show it.


GINGRICH: Really poor children in really poor neighborhoods have no
habits of working, and have nobody around them who works. So, they
literally have -- they have no habit of showing up on Monday. They have no
habit of, I do this and you give me cash. Unless it`s illegal.


SHARPTON: Now, I met your mom, I know your story, you talk in more of
these households in the afternoon than about anybody. How do you respond

BAISDEN: Let me tell you how I feel about that. Your colleague,
Chris Matthews is great on this. Chris says, it`s a clown show, but these
are scary clowns, Rev. These are very scary clowns, and they`re for real,
right? But I think that in the end, if we think about what this country
has never done. I don`t care if we have differences on abortion, I don`t
care if we have difference on immigration, we`ve never elected anybody who
was crazy, right? These guys are crazy to me. And when you all are doing
television, when we`re watching at home, you know what we`re thinking, Rev?
These guys are crazy.

And I think you have to be crazy if you`re going to say is wrong that
have taxes on the poor, but not on rich. You`ve got to be crazy if you
have a guy who`s the actual leader of the Republican Party right now in
terms of leading as a nominee, who will come out and say that you didn`t
show this part, by the way, that he`s trying to keep our children from
becoming pimps and prostitutes. All what he say, everybody on my radio
show just went crazy. We got millions of hits on my Facebook page. It`s
offensive and it`s crazy.

SHARPTON: Do you think any of these guys can give the President a hard

BAISDEN: I`m not worried about it. I`m not saying in a sense of
being overconfident, Reverend. But I believe that this country will never
elect anybody that is that crazy. And Chris Rock says it best, it`s crazy,
deranged, because what they`re doing is very deranged. And I know for you
and I, we want to be careful not to have our people be too overzealous or
overconfident, because we have to get out there and get registered, you`re
doing it, I`m doing it. But we`re never going to elect guys like this.
I`m completely confident it will never happen.

SHARPTON: Now, on October 15th, you helped us lead the march in
Washington for jobs and justice.

BAISDEN: Sorry for walking on the back of your shoes, by the way.

SHARPTON: That`s all right. We have 25 cities. Tomorrow we`re going
to keep going. And I want people to know, you not only the radio
superstar, led the march, and you`re out there putting your -- your feet to
the fire.


SHARPTON: Getting it done. But it is clearly going to come down to
this country fight for people that believe in fairness and people that
believe in only those at the top.

BAISDEN: We`re going to win. We`re going to win. I`m going to say
that to you. I`m going to say that to all my listeners, to the people who
were watching your program. We`re going to win. I was talking to Ed in
the back, Ed Schultz and you could just see the frustration.

SHARPTON: That`s mild mentor.

BAISDEN: Oh man, Ed is incredible man. So, he reminds me so much of
myself, just gets out there in-front of people. And you can see the
frustration with Ed, going these guys are really scary. I mean, and that`s
the term that you hear people use, and Reverend when they talk about these
guys, they`re scary, and I think in the end, we`re not going to elect
anybody who is crazy, and they are crazy.

SHARPTON: Michael Baisden, thanks so much joining me tonight on the
show. You can listen to the Michael Baisden show, weekdays on 78 radio
stations across the country.

Thanks for watching. I`m Al Sharpton. "HARDBALL" starts right now.


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