Explainer: Join the crew of Lockup for a closer look inside Wabash Valley Correctional Facility

  • Go behind the bars of Wabash Valley Correctional Facility to meet some of the inmates featured in the latest season of Lockup Extended Stay. Photos by Tracy Powell

  • Modeling a new look

    Steve Field, wearing two interesting objects: his Steadicam and a spit shield, often used on unruly inmates. He’s posing in the control room of the Secured Confinement Unit at Wabash.

  • Friends Stick Together

    Long-standing friends from the street and now cellmates at Wabash, Bradley Napier and Robbie McAnalley, pose for a few shots shortly after the initial meeting with our crew.

  • Hi Mom!

    Bradley Napier and Robbie McAnalley were hoping we would post these pictures on the web… :)

  • No Stranger to Prison

    Jeremy Stark operates our second camera during one of our sit-down interviews of Robbie McAnalley. Robbie is 23 years old and this is his fifth time behind bars

  • Shooting in the SCU

    Our producer talks with Lukuman Aderibigbe.  The crew are all wearing stab vests because they are in the Secured Confinement Unit at Wabash.  Aderibigbe also has to have his arms and his legs secured at all times except in his cell or when confined to a rec cage.

  • Welcome to Stoneyland

    It’s generally an entertaining time with inmate James Stone. Here he is with John Churchman, our audio engineer.

  • Stone Tells His Story

    Our producer talking with James Stone. There was no time limit to our interviews at Wabash. This one was about an hour long, before Stone went off to chow and worked out.

  • The Simple Things

    James Stone, in a pensive moment. We aren’t allowed to give inmates anything, except a bottle of water. But we have to take the bottle back when the interview is done.

  • Telling His Story

    Philip Stroud talking with our producer during one of four interviews we did with him.

  • Interview Prep

    Curtis McGrone gets set to talk with our crew. When we met him he worked in the infirmary doing hospice care with the most seriously ill inmates.

  • First Day Jitters

    18 year old Miles Folsom, was a young teen when he was sentenced as an adult. This was his first day out of the Youth Unit at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. And it was our first day at Wabash for the Lockup: Extended Stay series.

  • Choir Practice

    The Wabash inmate choir practicing on a Saturday before their Sunday services.

  • BRRR!!

    Dustin Trowbridge out on the yard. Because he is one of the inmates living in protective custody, he gets rec first thing each day, before the other inmates come out. We got this shot of Trowbridge at about 6 a.m. and it was cold outside!

  • Scene of the Crime

    Officer Manuel, who had recently been assaulted by inmate Demetrius Burks, takes us to the scene to tell us what happened.

  • Before the Barber…

    Christopher Trotter… before the big trip to the barber.

  • The “After” Shot

    Christopher Trotter, post haircut!


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