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Over the past year, America's been fighting a multi-front war in Iraq.  And we've gotten through it with flying colors. 

First, we fought Saddam Hussein's Stalinist regime and we won.  Then we had to endure months of second-guessing from the liberal media elites, who cynically said the Iraqi people were better off under Saddam Hussein than U.S. troops. 

Then, of course, we had to endure the second-guessing and the scowls from Howard Dean, John Kerry, and a lot of people on the radical American left.  And if that was not bad enough, last week, Socialists in Spain joined the axis of weasels from France, Germany and the United Nations to take the side of appeasers. 

Despite all such obstacles, America's fighting men and women liberated a country and helped guarantee the first democratic constitution in the history of the Arab world.  Most damning to the radical left‘s claim that Iraq is no better off today than they were a year ago, was a flurry of polls showing that the overwhelming majority of Iraqis say life is better today than it was before the American liberation a year ago. 

When questioned about education, electricity, clean water, jobs, and, yes, even the safety of their families, by a 2-1 margin, the Iraqi people this week say life is better under American liberators than it was under the brutal tyrant Saddam Hussein. 

Now, I know Jacques Chirac, Howard Dean and Kofi Annan hate to hear that news.  But, guys, it‘s time for you to get over it, because there‘s a brave new world in the Middle East and it has a democratic face on it—thanks to the fighting men and women of the United States armed forces. 

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