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Video: Iran plans long-range missile test

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    >>> the persian gulf . they test fired long-range missiles and the tension is growing. nbc's ali is in tehran. good morning to you.

    >> reporter: good morning, veronica. that's right. the iranian navy has done a series of maneuvers here in the persian gulf . they didn't fire any long-range missiles today but the head of the iran navy said that they were not going to do it today and those tests would happen in the next few days. this is also a very strategic time to be doing -- iranian oil and iran is shutting down where they are doing the military maneuvers. 35% of all of the oil transactions pass through the straits of hormuz. so it's an important place and most of the economy is tied to petro dollars. veronica?

    >> ali in tehran, thank you. we appreciate it.


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