Countdown’s Top Five

  1. Bigfoot exposed
  2. If you can't wait for Robert Kiviat's Bigfoot special, you may want to bide your time over with one of his other works
  3. The taped tale of the sniper suspect arrest.  It takes 12 hour and 16 different phone call to police in Las Vegas before they are convinced the suspect was even in Sin City.
  4. The battle for the White House crossing party lines to some degree. 
  5. Newsweek poll
  6. AP poll
  7. A scandal brewing in Florida after a high school teacher clubs two baby bunnies to death with shovel in front of her students.
  8. A man bound for going Denver from Logan Airport in Boston, claimed to be a biology professor, said he found a seal already dead on a local beach and then cut the head off to bring back for educational purposes, to Denver.
  9. A scathing criticism of the current administration's handling of al Qaeda and terrorism both before and after 9/11 from former counterterrorism coordinator Richard Clarke.  The Bush administration denies the charges, saying Clarke is motivated by politics and by a desire to sell his new book on the subject. 
  10. Anybody seen that high-value target near the Pakistan border lately? 
  11. Hamas leader killed

Today’s Top Three Newsmakers

  1. Three 14-year-old school boys in Czechoslovakia, their horticulture teachers thought they were growing tomato plants. 
  2. Kristi Michelle Parramoure of Daytona Beach, Florida, who accomplished the seemingly impossible over the weekend.  She has been arrested for flashing during a wet T-shirt contest.
  3. The General Assembly of Tennessee with many middle and high schoolers complaining of back problems.  The assembly is considering regulating the maximum weight of school textbooks.

Let's Play 'Oddball'!

  1. This is Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia getting imploded.
  2. A correction about a wedding article in the New York Times.  Riva Gola-Ritvo, now Mrs. Allen Slifka, quote, "Did not graduate from the University of Pennsylvania or receive a master`s degree in occupational therapy or a Ph.D. in neuroscience from the University of Southern California." The Times apologized "for the erroneous account of the bride's education which she supplied."  In other words, she padded her own resume in her own wedding notice.

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