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Researchers Shrink Particle Accelerator to Table-top Size

Just as computers shrunk from room- to desktop-size, high-energy particle accelerator dimensions are going from acres to inches. Scientists at the University of Texas at Austin have developed a tabletop accelerator that boosts electrons to the same speed and energy that requires traditional atom sma Full story

Spectacular Sun Storm Sheds Light on Star Formation

A stunning eruption unleashed by the sun two years ago is providing clues about how stars form, scientists say. Full story

World's Smallest Liquid Droplets Created in Atom Smasher

Scientists think they've created the smallest drops of liquid ever — the size of only three to five protons. Full story

Why Plasma TVs Won't Die

Plasma HDTVs are likely to stick around for as long as it takes manufacturers to figure out a cheaper and better option. That might end up being OLED TVs, which offer the benefits of a plasma screen and a thinness to beat that of LCD. But for the foreseeable future, OLED is going to be hard to mass- Full story

Sun Grows Super-Hot 'Dragon Tail' in Amazing NASA Video

A NASA spacecraft studying the sun has recorded amazing video of a giant plume of super-hot plasma erupting from the star's surface, only to crash back down hours later. Full story

Sunspot unleashes intense solar flare

The surface of the sun erupted in a solar flare early Friday, unleashing a blast of super-heated plasma into space. Full story

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Big Sunspot Unleashes Intense Solar Flare

Massive sun eruption could top 20 Earths

Funds for cheaper space propulsion sought

500,000-mile plasma loop on sun filmed

Hot particle soup may reveal secrets

Primordial 'Soup' of Big Bang Recreated

Atom Smasher Sets Guinness Record for Hottest Man-Made Temperature

Solar eruption spits out an 'Alien'

Nuclear Fusion Is a Real Possibility

Nuclear fusion now seen as a real possibility

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Quark-gluon plasma
Quark-gluon plasma

An artist's conception shows two gold ions colliding to produce a spray of super-hot quark-gluon plasma in the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider.