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    >>> the united states and cuba have had a complicated relationship for the last five day kads. it is a relationship that is changing constantly. natalie recently took a trip to havana and i'm sure you were impressed what you saw.

    >> there were gradual differences. the regime remains in place under brother raul's leadership yet there are signs of change. cuba is often described as a country frozen in time. while u.s./ cuba relations may also remain frozen, change is on the horizon.

    >> how much are they, five?

    >> reporter: americans once banned from visiting under the embargo are coming back.

    >> we're here for a festival.

    >> reporter: the latin american international film festival was a big draw for americans this year. also tour groups are back.

    >> cuba is at a time where it's going to change significantly. once the door opens cuba will be a totally different place.

    >> reporter: this group is among the first to experience cuba , though under strict guidelines, on a full time cultural immersion program approved by the u.s. treasury department . the new rules have their criticings especially among cuban- americans who fled castro 's revolution.

    >> president obama 's gesture of friendship toward the castros, significantly increasing travel from the united states to cuba , has meant over $500 million a year to the land, in castro 's bank accounts .

    >> reporter: for many cubans it's less about politics and more about family. today they can send money and goods without restriction. christina morales is on her way, third iz havity to bring her brother supplies for his new restaurant.

    >> he's happy because that was something he couldn't have or do in cuba before, to have your own business.

    >> reporter: her brother, angel morales is now one of the 1 million private business owners. he reopened the restaurant his grandfather ran for 40 years until castro shut it down. what does it mean for you to have this? he says "it's allowed me to reach my dream," and miguel in turn is giving other cubans and culinary students a shot at the new cuban dream, which now includes buying a home. the new privatization law in effect this month allows cubans to buy and sell property again. real estate agencies don't exist here yet in cuba . instead people come here on saturday mornings, this place is bustling with people posting signs like this, looking to swap, barter and now sell their homes in what is known as the stock market of cuban real estate . while cuba has a long way to go by american standards, they are enjoying new freedoms including religion. for decades this country was officially atheist and today for thes first time in more than 50 years, the government has allowed this national religious procession, celebrating cuba 's patron saints . but the opposition group, the ladies in white, are demanding more must be done to end human rights abuses , something pope benedict will most likely address when he visits next spring. when pope john paul ii made his historic visit in 1998 , he called for cuba to open to the world, and the world to open to cuba . that's silvia wilhelm's hope, too. she was sent to the u.s. as a child after the revolution.

    >> i definitely did not want to have anything to do with cuba .

    >> reporter: today her view has changed. she's working to break down the 50-year-old walls between cuba and the united states . do you think family then will be the tie that binds these two countries together ultimately?

    >> without a doubt, what is going to continue to move this train in the direction of reconciliation, lingers on one word. it's called family.

    >> it is a fascinating place and on monday i'll take you on a tour of earnest hemingway's home in cuba with granddaughter mariel hemingway , probably the highlight of the whole thing.

    >> natalie thank you very much,

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