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Company:Phillips USA

January 18, 2012

Number of Jobs:  980

Positions:  Engineering, sales, marketing, quality & regulatory control, supply chain

Salary:  Competitive, varies with experience & job title; full-time employees receive competitive benefits


Atlanta, Ga.
Cleveland, Ohio
Pittsburgh, Penn.
Bothel, Wash.
Stanford, Conn.
Somerset, N.J.
Andover, Mass.
Burlington, Mass.

When:   Immediately

Details: Philips USA, a health & well-being company started in Amsterdam more than a century ago, already employs 26,000 in the U.S. The company is eager to hire, with nearly a 1000 positions to fill right now.

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January 11, 2012

Number of Jobs:

Customer Service Representatives, Residential and Commercial Sales Representatives, Technicians, Trainers, Managers

Both salary and hourly positions available. Full-time employees eligible for competitive benefits package, including healthcare and 401(k) options.


Dallas, Texas
Memphis, Tenn.
Atlanta, Ga.
Tampa, Fla.
Carroll, Iowa

When: Hiring at least 700 brand new employees this year starting in January, may hire as many as 6500 through various franchise brands all year.

ServiceMaster is a Memphis-based company that runs residential and commercial service franchises, including TruGreen, Terminix, American Home Shield, ServiceMaster Clean, Merry Maids, etc. The company already employs more than 50,000 associates through its corporate and franchise entities, and will hire up to 6000 employees across the country this year as it expands. ServiceMaster also offers the Shane Battier Franchise Scholarship for women and minorities interested in getting a commercial cleaning franchise license

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ATX Group company logo. (PRNewsFoto/ATX Group)

January 6, 2012

Number of Jobs: 500+

: Response Associates, Supervisors, Analysts, Managers, IT Engineers, Trainers

: Various, both salary and hourly positions available

: Hiring significant numbers at proposed call center in South Carolina or Tennessee.

Also hiring in pre-existing centers:
Irving, Texas
Medford, Mass.
Sebring, Fla.
Tucson, Ariz.

When: New call center scheduled to open in May

: Agero, a Massachusetts-based company providing roadside assistance programs for automakers like BMW and Toyota, plans to hire hundreds of new employees this year as it fills open positions in offices across the country. The bulk of these hires will be at a new call center opening this May. The location for the new call center hasn’t been decided yet, but will be in either Florence, SC or Clarksville TN. Majority of jobs will be “response associates” – representatives answering calls from drivers around the country, but all types of employees will be needed, including managers, supervisors, technical staff, and more. Ideal candidates for entry-level positions should have strong customer service skills, and a high school diploma or GED. Training available in some instances.

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Video: Massachusetts-based company looking to hire

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    >>> back now with our ongoing series "here are the jobs." getting americans back to work. big cities still have a long way to go to regain the jobs they lost during the recession. a report today from the nation's mayors showed that by the end of last year, only 26 out of 363 metropolitan areas were back to prerecession employment levels. but the mayors predict that almost all of those areas will see job growth this year. and by the end of 2012 , 48% of jobs lost during the downturn will be back. we saw some of those gains last month when the labor department said employers added 200,000 jobs. this month, as part of our here are the jobs series, we told you about 500 new jobs at agero. they've been flooded with applica applicants. we also reported the news that there were 700 job openings at servicemaster. since our report, servicemaster tells us they've been flooded also with applicants. that's great to hear. tonight, we feature another company that's hiring hundreds of new employees right now. massachusetts-based philips has 980 job openings in seven states. philips makes everything from electric toothbrushes to coffeemakers and other home health products. they also light our way into the new year putting the light bulbs in the ball in new york's times square . joining me now from boston, cynthia burkehart, philips ' chief talent recruiter. thanks for your time tonight.

    >> thank you al. i really appreciate you having me on your show. i respect what you are doing.

    >> let's get try to it. you've got 980 job openings. what are the jobs?

    >> well, our biggest needs are in sales, engineering, field service engineers, marketing, quality and regulatory and supply chain. so it varies.

    >> tell me the seven states that they are available in.

    >> well, actually, depends on the position. so our sales positions are open anywhere we have -- in the field anywhere we have a territory open. field service, the same situation, wherever we have a customer need. the rest of the positions fall within one of our philips locations in north america and most of them at one of our seven locations which -- seven major locations which are in massachusetts, connecticut, pennsylvania, new jersey, ohio and washington state . so pretty broad scope.

    >> so that's great. they're all over the place.

    >> they are all over the place.

    >> let me ask you this. health care and technology are areas where a lot of jobs are being added right now. do you see a big comeback for jobs at philips in this area?

    >> yeah, we're definitely doing more hiring than a couple of years ago. now i'll say that a company our size, we're always going to hire because we're always going to have critical positions, customer facing positions. but we're definitely seeing some through 2011 and ongoing. an up tick in jobs.

    >> one thing that caught my eye is that philips has a unique benefits package including paid time off for employees who do volunteer work .

    >> yeah. i'll tell you, one of the reasons i'm proud to work for philips is we really are a company with heart. and we show that through a lot of ways. one of them is our philips cares program that you are referring to. employees get paid time off to go do volunteer work . and it's just our way of giving back to the community. i think it just makes your employees feel better about your company and proud to be a part of it.

    >> now people that are watching around the country, how do they contact you and see about these jobs? how do they reach philips for one of these jobs and make an application to fill one?

    >> absolutely. so if they could go to are the jobs. again, that's are the jobs. when they --

    >> go ahead. i'm sorry. i want to make sure people hear what you have to say. you have the jobs. go ahead.

    >> i just want toed to let you know, we made a vanity url just for you, al.

    >> thank you. now let me ask you, the jobs in seven states are -- you've explained to us, and you have told us that these openings vary. in andover, mass, you have 26,000 employees. locations in 60 countries. the company is all over the place. and you have some right now immediate jobs. and prominent jobs. and they are available if they go right to that website.

    >> absolutely. our career website will let them search by function, by geography, whatever way they want to approach it.

    >> now where are we in terms of the economy as you see it? do you see our returning to better days ?

    >> i think we are. i think, you know, i am cautiously optimistic. i have to tell you, you know, as far as philips goes, a large one -- a large part of our business is health care , and that's a little bit economy proof because, let's face it, america is aging. i read a statistic recently that somebody turns 65 in america every eight seconds.

    >> wow.

    >> yeah, so --

    >> well, i hope people go to the website. thank you cynthia burkehart. keep us posted. and for all the information about our series "here are the jobs," go to and click on "here are the jobs." you can read all about all the companies we're featuring and get updates about their hiring plans and if you are hiring, you can let us know about it. we look forward to hearing from you. and this


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