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Video: Is there a covert war against Iran?

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    >>> an amazing story taking place in iran . yesterday an iranian nuclear scientist was ait isssassinated. it's likely ? part of a war against the nuclear program . look what's happened in the past few years. five scientists have been targeted in similar attacks. one survived. the others were killed. a number of mysterious explosions have been reported at sites thought to be military complexes. one of the attacks killed a top missile expert. back in 2009 , a computer virus infested the country's nuclear facilities causing significant damage and delay. no country has taken responsibility for any of these attacks, but iran has accused the united states and israel . secretary of state hillary clinton forcefully denied american involvement.

    >> i want to categorically deny any united states involvement in any kind of act of violence inside iran .

    >> so what's going on here? robert barings is now an intelligence columnist. thank you, sir. what's going on? generally what's going on? the attacks have a pattern? does it have the fingerprints of an israeli industry?

    >> it has to be the israelis . you look at the target and you look at the capabilities. it's not american e. there's no lethal finding against iran . the israels, as far as i can see, are trying to provoke the iranians into doing something.

    >> that's always my question. consequences explained and dealt with when they ?come. what could -- we have an american over there condemned to death. is that one of the assets brutally stated against us that they can execute him? would they go that far as payback for something like this assuming we had some role in knowing about this?

    >> they have done a couple things. they have hit the british embassy . they kidnapped this american fbi agent. they can do a number of things. but what we're seeing is an escalation, chris. it's almost as if the intention is to get the iranians to fire a missile at an oil tanker in the straight after her muse. it would help them because the israelis would force them to hitting back, and that's exactly what they want.

    >> you think it's israel trying to get us into this thing. let's go to richard angle. you had a report ob the nightly news last night. give us the gist of it.

    >> i think you need to understand this in the larger context. last month, the united states passed incredibly harsh sanctions on iran . the expected outcome of this is that iran feeled backed into a corner. iran has responded with bellicose language. and now there's tension in the straight of hormuz. so going back to the last guest was talking about, if you want to hit iran and you need a context to do that, the way to do that is by forcing iran into a ? corner. forcing your adversary to make an aggressive move and then everyone will think you are correct when you respond with force.

    >> why is it important for israel , if it's israel doing the attack on the iranian nuclear facilities , why would israel -- how would that help israel ? the world is tough on israel . would anybody take the edge off attacking iran no matter what preceded it?

    >> let's say iran goes out and launches an attack on iran . the next day, oil prices go through the roof. $200 a barrel for oil. everyone blames israel . there was ways around this. if suddenly iran feels strangled, their economy is under collapse, it it does something like put sea minds in the strait of hormuz, oil prices go up any way, then an israeli attack happens or some sort of military action happens against iran , then you look like the savior.

    >> let me get back to bob. do you believe this is what's going on? do you think a rational observer would say this is moving towards creating a pretext?

    >> absolutely. this is speculation, of course. i don't know what the israelis are planning. i know the white house doesn't want a war x but we see this pressure, this logic of war that keeps on marching forward, and the iranians are looking at a year or two to hit the nuclear facilities . they cannot ? be seen to initiate this. if you keep assassinating the people, it's a humiliation. you make it a reaction out of them. . and the world says there's nothing we could have done except hit the israelis . these assassinations alone don't stop their nuclear program . they are simply a provocation.

    >> what about you, richard ?

    >> i think it is. the israelis can't be seen as drawing first blood. killing a 32-year-old scientist who worked in procurement is not going to stop the program. they have so far killed five people, four of them civilians. one of them a general who were involved in the missile program or the nuclear program directly. it has a psychological impact, but it's not going to slow down or stop the program. so i think you have to look at the other objective. is the objective to try and make yourself feel better? is it to try to put the iranians on edge? is it to try to provoke a response from them? or is it a bit of all of that?

    >> how can the united states not see this ased aerer sar y'all by israel to try to hook us into a war? if that's the case. if bob is right saying this is an attempt to try to get us in by trying to get the iranians mad at us, if that's seen to manipulate us into a war we don't want to get into, how can we see that as not hostile?

    >> i'm not sure if it's to draw the u.s. into a war, ? but it gives israel the ability to do this action unilaterally. i don't think israel would tell the united states they are going to do it. we would wake up and it's happened. they would need to tell saudi arabia to give them fly-over rights, but i don't think the israelis expect the u.s. to do this for them.

    >> i thought you were saying that israel is trying to provoke the iranians into attacking us?

    >> if we're attacked, it gives the israels and americans on the same side, no choice but to hit the iranians . they need our air force to complete the job. they they can't do it alone.

    >> this is something we'll be talking about from now to election day . i have been reading all the politics on the table. this is of interest to our country, israel , and of course, iran . it's involved in politics. not just the survival of israel . thank you, richard en gel and bob baer .


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