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Microbes Make Cozy Homes in Ocean's Garbage

For about four decades, it's been known that plastic is collecting in the open ocean. Now, scientists have found this debris harbors unique communities of microbes, and the tiny residents of this so-called plastisphere may help break down the marine garbage. Full story

Climate Change May Radically Transform Desert Bacteria

Climate change may transform the community of microbes that forms the crucial top layer of soil, known as a biocrust, in deserts throughout the United States, new research suggests. Full story

Thriving Microbe Community Lives Beneath Seafloor

Beneath the seafloor lives a vast and diverse array of microbes, chomping on carbon that constantly rains down from above and is continually buried by a never-ending downpour of debris — some whale dung here, some dead plankton there. For the first time, a study has shown that these microbes are act Full story

Cold-Loving Bacteria Offer Clues for Life on Mars

A microbe discovered in the Canadian high Arctic thrives at the coldest temperature known for bacterial growth. Full story

Dogs Bring Swarm of Bacteria Into Your Home

Your loyal pooch may be bringing a whole world of bacteria into your home — but don't panic. Research suggests that exposure to a wide variety of microbes may be good for us. Full story

Attack of the Killer Bacteria: Superbugs, Prepare to Die!

Predatory bacteria that devour microbes could help kill potentially lethal drug-resistant germs when antibiotics fail, researchers say. Full story

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Drilling into buried Antarctic lake stalls

Microbes ride dust plumes across ocean

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At left, undated handout image provided by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases shows a clump of Staphylococcus epidermidis bacteria in the extracellular matrix, which connects cells and tissue, taken with a scanning electron microscope, showing. At right, undated handout ima

Illustration: Mycoplasma
Illustration: Mycoplasma

Scientists have created the first complete computer simulation of an organism, Mycoplasma genitalium, a microbe that causes sexually transmitted infections.

Physicist Schildhammer wears Aouda.X spacesuit simulator during field test inside giant ice cave at Dachstein mountain
Physicist Schildhammer wears Aouda.X spacesuit simulator during field test inside giant ice cave at Dachstein mountain

Physicist Daniel Schildhammer wears the Aouda.X spacesuit simulator during a field test of Oesterreichisches Weltraum Forum inside the Eisriesenhoehle at Dachstein mountain near the village of Obertraun April 28, 2012. Scientists were out of this world on Tuesday about tests in icy Alpine caves of