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Video: Paula Deen: Diabetes is ‘not a death sentence’

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    >>> southern cooking. pauldeen built an empe teaching us to make delicious dishes but she's been criticize because a lot of the meals are highn fat and calories. this morning paula is here to sethe record saight about rumors circulating onle and in print about her health. good to see you.

    >> good morning, darling. how ar you?

    >> i'mgood. the question is how are you?

    >> i'm great.

    >> is it true? you have type 2 diabetes ?

    >> i do. i was diagnos three years ago, al, during a regular physil exam with my doctor that i had type 2 diabetes . i'm here today to let the world know that it is not a death sentence. i'm worng alo with a very reputable pharmaceutical company on a new program cled diabetes in a new light. you can go tour website. i'm going to be thereor you and help you manage every dayf your life th this because it can be done.

    >> we should mention y're a paid spokesperson for novo-nordisk.

    >> exactly. i have been compensated, just as you are for your wo, yes.

    >> so why did y take so long to let people know thatou had type 2iabes.

    >> i intentionally did it, al. i came home, told mychildren, told my husbd. i said, i'm goingo keep thi close to m chest for the time being . cause i had to figure things out in my own head. iad to give time to thi about it,alk with my doctor because, al, at the time, you know, i tell everything.

    >> right.

    >> i could have walked out and sa, hey, y'all, i have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and walked away. i had nothing to give to my fellow friends out there.

    >> what do you say to people who say, oh, she delayed this because it would damage her reputation, her whole industry that she's built basically.

    >> on this kind of cooking.

    >> no. people are not going to quit eating. we quit eating we're all out of here. no. i wanted to bring something to the table when i came forward and i have ways been one to think i bring hope because i have had lots of obstacles in my life, y'all.

    >> you worked your way up from poverty. a lot of folks say, look, your southern food is fatning and people say you are whatou eat and that food can lead to te 2 diabetes. ofhepuzzle. al, that is part but there many other things that can lead to diabetes. certainl genecs. certainly your lifestyle.

    >> right. certainly whatou eat. certainly stress.

    >> let e bring in dr. raj.

    >> and certainly age. there are aot of baby boomers out there. there is a good chance that will be one of the issues you have to face. but dbetesn a new light along with my sons jie and bobby, we're going to help you work on still having a full life without feeling like you're being punished you're not being able to taste.

    >> let's bring in dr. raj, "today" contributorrom nyu medical center . what causes type 2 diabetes ?

    >> we don't know exactlyhat causesit. there are many factors that incrse risk. genetics, as paula said, definitely increases your ri. if you have a patient or sibling with diabetes you are more likely to have it. diet, lack of exercise can increase your risk. ing over weight in particular risk factor for diabetes.d age, it does increase a you get older, andertain races are more likely to develop type 2 diabet. nonwhites are more likely to develop it than whites.

    >> a little bit later on you and jamie and baby will be cooking me recipes that you have lightened up. are you goi to change the way you cook and eat?

    >> well, here's the thing. you know, i have always enuraged moderation. on my show, y know, i share with you all these yummy, fattening recipes, but i tell people, in moderation, i moderation you can have tha little piece of pie. here's what want to get across to people, al. i want them t first start by going to their doctor andsking to be tested for diabetes. and then get on a program that works for you. i'm amazed at theeople out the aware that they ar diabetic but they are not taking their miedicine, not doing anything.

    >> besides t medicine, have youhanged the way you eat?

    >> i have always eaten in moderation. you know, people see me on tv two and three tim a day and theyee me cooking all these wonderfully southern, fattening dishes. that's only 30 days out of 365. it's the entertainmt. and people haveoe responsible --

    >> you're saying you can't eat like that every day?

    >> no, i never have.

    >> mm-hmm.

    >> like i told oprah a few years back. i said, honey, i your co, t your doctor. you have to be responsible for yourself.

    >> we haveo get going. back later. and bobby will be

    >> yes. have you seen bobby's show? oh, my!

    >> we'll talk about it. once you get her going.



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