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Great White Shark Tagging Expedition Sets Sail Today

How many great white sharks live off the U.S. East Coast, and how do they make a living? Researchers and fishermen set sail today (July 30) from Cape Cod, Mass., to find out, in one of the most ambitious expeditions to ever tag great white sharks. Full story

Foreign airlines urged to use GPS at San Francisco

Federal aviation officials have advised all foreign airlines to use a GPS system instead of visual reckoning and cockpit instruments when landing at San Francisco International Airport in the wake of the deadly Asiana Airlines crash. Full story

Great White Mystery: Expedition to Unravel Shark Secrets

One of the most ambitious expeditions ever to tag great white sharks will set sail tomorrow (July 30) off Cape Cod, Mass. The researchers hope to tag as many as 20 of the enormous sharks, about which very little is known. Full story

UPDATE: Hiker found safe Sunday morning

UPDATE: 54-year-old Scott Bertrand has been located alive Sunday morning.He was reunited with his wife and family at the Pima County Sheriff's Department Rincon Substation. Full story

Mysterious giant magnet attracts rock-star status

It skipped tolls. It had a Twitter hashtag and a GPS tracker. It even posed for photos with groupies. Full story

Recalculating! GPS may lead you astray

   Nearly two-thirds of drivers in a recent survey said GPS has led them astray, and those 55 and older say they still carry a map in the car just in case. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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  Cops: Dealer butt dials 911 while selling drugs

An Oregon man was arrested on felony drug charges after accidentally dialing 911 just before a drug deal, allowing police to track down his location using the phone’s GPS signal. KGW’s Kyle Iboshi reports.

  Maps will get you there, except when they don't

Rachel Maddow notes that while map technology may have improved, GPS is not infallible.

  GPS mistake allegedly leads to deadly shooting

A Georgia man is shot to death by the homeowner after the car's GPS leads him to the wrong house. WXIA's Duffie Dixon reports.

  Twitter dangers: You could be sharing your location

Some smartphones have GPS capability that many apps need in order to function, but if you forget that your location is turned on for social media apps like Twitter, you could be sharing your location with complete strangers.’s Kyle Michael Miller reports

  St. Nick seen leaving North Pole

“We can confirm the presents are all on board,” said TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe, who released images of Santa getting an early start Sunday morning. Wolfe confirmed the “naughty and nice” list was in Santa’s front pocket and his GPS was switched on and ready.

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