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In a blatant case of misdirected, but hilarious, hostility, anti-SOPA protesters took out their anger about the legislation on the website of the Scottish Organic Producers Association — another, but drastically different, SOPA.

The association, which certifies organic farmers in Scotland, had its site bombarded with nasty complaints last week, The Register reported, including colorfully worded emails calling for the end of the anti-piracy legislation.

Although the Scottish farming site's homepage is framed with pictures of sheep, chicken, cows, tractors and fruit, protesters apparently were convinced — or blind with rage — that their complaints, lodged on the site's "Contact Us" page, would be heard.

In real SOPA news, the congressional bill, which would require the shutdown of sites hosting accused of hosting pirated video, audio and other media, has been temporarily shelved, but is likely to remain a hot-button issue, as the legislation has the continued support of industry leaders, including the Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America.

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