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Controversial, conservative TV pundit Glenn Beck is courting danger at the hands of the notorious and unforgiving hacktivist group Anonymous.

In a video posted on his website, Beck bites the style of Anonymous' video dispatches — using the same computer-generated voice, background music, even the same logo — to campaign against the current political system, which he believes has corrupted America's schools by ending prayer, replacing discipline and feeding students lies.

The video, called "Anonymous for Good," shows a heart in place of Anonymous' usual question mark-topped logo, and says that when "evil" political powers "took over the media, we would not believe. When it entered our churches and perverted the doctrine, we ignored it. Then when it slipped into our homes, and destroyed our families, we tolerated, then accepted, then embraced it."

"We were wrong," Beck's narrator continues. "We will no longer sit idly by as our families, communities, cities, states, and our nation are torn apart. We will no longer tolerate the spread of darkness over our land and our planet."

As a sign-off, Beck mocks Anonymous' "We are Anonymous, we are legion" catchphrase, replacing it with, "We are goodness, we are random acts of kindness. We are everywhere. Expect us."

There's nothing in the video that in any way attacks Anonymous as a group, but the hackers in the past have been supporters of some liberal views, which might not jibe with Beck's agenda.

And, as evidenced by Anonymous' dozens upon dozens of startling cyberattacks on everyone from the FBI to the Department of Justice, and its recent tirade against proponents of the Stop Online Piracy Act, it seems entirely plausible that the hackers may go after Beck simply for stealing their style to push a message they don't support.

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