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Komen breast cancer charity names new CEO

Susan G. Komen for the Cure announced Monday that a physician with a long career in health policy and research will become the breast cancer charity's new president and CEO.Full story

Komen CEO’s pay raises eyebrows in nonprofit world

  Financial reports reveal Nancy Brinker, founder and CEO of the Susan G. Komen foundation, received a 64 percent raise for a total pay package of $684,000, and despite Brinker announcing she would be stepping aside 10 months ago, she is still CEO of the charity. NBC’s Lisa Myers reports.

Komen foundation cancels breast cancer walk in 7 cities

  Donations to the Susan G. Komen Foundation have fallen ever since the charity’s brand was damaged when their founder tried to deny funds to Planned Parenthood. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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Komen breast cancer charity cancels walks in seven U.S. cities

Insider book details Komen-Planned Parenthood rift

Fewer people registering for Komen races

Planned Parenthood sees big spike in donations

Komen charity halts Planned Parenthood grants


  Organizations cash in on commercial potential of cancer

The Melissa Harris-Perry panelists talk about the “pinking” of America and the “breast cancer bandwagon.”

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  Former Komen fundraiser calls for CEO to resign

Eve Ellis, a former fundraiser and board member for Komen’s New York City affiliate, says she’s stopped raising money because of the Planned Parenthood controversy and thinks Komen CEO Nancy Brinker must resign for Komen to recover.

  Komen donations drop

The nation’s largest breast cancer charity, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, is in turmoil in the wake of a controversial attempt to cut off Planned Parenthood funding. NBC’s Lisa Myers reports.

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