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Video: Komen restores Planned Parenthood funding

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    >>> welcome back, everybody. some major breaking news right now on msnbc regarding komen . it is now apologizing for pulling grant funding from planned parenthood and will restore that funding. the group's ceo has been stressed by the presumption that it was done for political reasons or to penalize planned parenthood . that's coming directly from the top, the ceo, and the founder of the susan g. komen race for the cure , right there, nancy brinker . donations to planned paurnlthood has sky rocketed since funding was pulled. some 600,000 people -- some 6,000 people have given $400,000 in small donations over 24 hours . even new york city major michael blo bloomberg has plemged to give $250,000. he'll be with andrea mitchell and a guest on her program here on msnbc today at 1:00 p.m . eastern time . once again, the major breaking news this morning, that the susan g. komen race for the cure foundation has now reskrimded the fact that it will be pulling grant money from planned parenthood . there was major backlash about of the women's biggest health organizations . a lot of people had speculated it's because a new vice president had come on board. lisa, i know you've had extensive reporting done on this very issue. dwlou think they've been able to process this over the last 24 hours of media attention to now come to this decision?

    >> thomas, i think that the komen people who have been in this -- doing good work for 30 years were stunned by the outpouring of anger. they greeted their decision to cut off funding for planned partihood. they face add revolt from their denver affiliate, affiliates in california. sponsors were threatening to quit. people were saying they would never give money again. some of their scientists were upset. this morning there was a meeting and they decided they would reverse the policy. in the statement they pointed out two key lines. one says we will continue to fund existing grant rs, including those of planned parenthood . the other thing is they have amended their criteria. there is a knew rule which says any group under investigation could not receive funding. now they're saying that for it to be disqualifying, the investigation must be criminal, it must be conclusive in nature, and not political. well, a lot of folks think most of the investigation of planned parenthood are political. so basically komen has completely reversed itself.

    >> it really is a major development in what has been a quickly fast-moving story with all of these developments. lisa myers , nice to talk with you.

    >> thanks, thomas.


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