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Another day, another celebrity death rumor spreading like wildfire on Twitter. Today's entry into the esteemed fake cemetery: Eddie Murphy.

There are currently hundreds of Twitter posts claiming the legendary comedian died today (Feb. 3). Some of the tweets link to a fake news story by Global Associated News, reporting that Murphy died in a snowboard accident while on the slopes in Zermatt, Switzerland.

Just a few weeks ago, '80s pop icon Adam Ant suffered a very similar, equally fake, death, crashing his jet ski into a concrete boat slip while vacationing in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Murphy's fake passing also puts him in the company of Chuck Norris, who to nobody's surprise — he can't be killed by conventional weapons, as the Internet meme goes — was the subject of a Twitter death hoax last week.

The Eddie Murphy rumor reportedly stems from a tweet sent out by rapper Joe Budden. About an hour ago, he apologized for spreading the fake news story, writing, "I don't play w death or rumors about death, so as horrible as I feel about putting that in the world, I'm much happier that it was false."

Thankfully, it seems Murphy's Twitter death hasn't fooled many of his fans  — or his haters.

"RIP Eddie Murphy," HumorORtruth wrote. "CNN reports that he was murdered by the serial killer, called Twitter."

"Eddie Murphy is NOT dead," Dax Holt wrote. "It's amazing how many people  Twitter  kills on a weekly basis."

Twitter user 57thave took a slight different angle on the rumor, writing, "Eddie Murphy did not die. Only his career did."

Perhaps even harsher is Matt Walker's fake eulogy for the fake death. "RIP Eddie Murphy's dignity," Walker wrote, "it's been 20 years since it died."

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