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Video: Komen’s quick reversal raises questions

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    >>> another one for the power of social media , susan g. komen for the cure . the nation's largest breast cancer charity is the latest high-profile organization forced to beat a hasty retreat from an unpopular decision in the face of a twitter and facebook firestorm. in this case it was komen 's decision to pull funding from its long-time women 's health partner planned parenthood . though komen said it dropped planned parenthood because it was under government investigation, many women read it as komen bowing to pressure from anti-abortion groups. the public outcry amplified over the internet became deafening. today an about-face for komen . nbc lisa myers has our report.

    >> reporter: the organization known for its iconic pink ribbons today pulled out a white flag . on social media sites which excoriated komen for days got mixed reviews. komen announced its new event, back pedal for the cure. too little too late. the damage has been done. will wear my pink running shoes tomorrow.

    >> i'm happy they changed their mind. i will continue to wear pink.

    >> reporter: in a statement posted this morning, komen apologized for recent decisions that cast doubt upon our commitment to our mission of saving women 's lives. it said we will continue to fund existing grants, including those of planned parenthood and preserve their eligibility to apply for future grants, but the statement left wiggle room about whether all planned parenthood grants to provide breast exams for low-income women will be funded in the future. in denver where the local komen affiliate publically opposed the cut-off there was elation.

    >> i view this reversal decision as a complete reversal. we will be able to funned planned parenthood .

    >> reporter: today planned parenthood says it's grateful for the astonishing outpouring of public support.

    >> i feel very positive, relieved and i'm glad we can all focus on women 's health again.

    >> reporter: many say komen 's quick reversal within 72 hours of its initial announcement underscores the power social media can have on a big brand.

    >> there were many factors that went into komen 's decision here, but clearly, clearly, the passion that was demonstrated across the internet played a major role.

    >> reporter: and today, those happy with the initial decision were furious. done with any donations. you caved. and now the question is how much the komen organization, the biggest name in the fight against breast cancer , will be hurt by this week's events.

    >> komen damaged its brand considerably in this short term by appearing to abandon women , the women they cared for for over the decades, but they can come back from it.

    >> reporter: the only winner in all this seems to be planned parenthood , which says it hauled in $3 million in donations in the last 72 hours . money which will now be used to help vulnerable, low-income women . lester?


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