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Video: Does video show a Strauss-Kahn set-up?

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    >>> now for the first time we're seeing video surveillance footage from the hotel where former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn was accused of assaulting a maid. that tape is now lead to go new questions about this case. michael isakoff is joining us with details.

    >> reporter: good morning, ann. newly surfaced video from inside a hotel is adding mystery to a sex scandal that brought down one of the world's most influential figures. at 1:29 p.m . on may 14th , a call to the police from this upscale hotel .

    >> toipt report a domestic -- i'm sorry, a sexual assault .

    >> reporter: nbc news has obtained hotel video taken at the french owned hotel calls 911.

    >> one of our room attendants, apparently she was assaulted by one of the guests.

    >> the defendant is charged with --

    >> reporter: the guest, dominique strauss-kahn . at the time the managing director of the international monetary fund and a man who could be the next president of france . and just two minutes after that phone call , a surprising reaction inside the hotel . t two officials do what looks like a victory dance .

    >> it looks like they are celebrating a 911 call that is going to set in motion a -- a change in the entire political system of france .

    >> reporter: lawyers for strauss-kahn and his political supporters have now seized on this video to argue that the sex charge against him may have been a political dirty the trick, facilitated by hotel security officials at the possible direction of associates of french president nicolas sarkozy . it's a major story in france . but is being adamantly denied by sarkozy's office and a u.s. legal adviser to the a.c.o.r.n. group, the french company that owns sofitel.

    >> the notion that this is involved in some conspiracy is utter nonsense.

    >> reporter: why were they celebrating?

    >> they don't remember specifically why, but they just heard that this housekeeper finally decided to allow the hotel to call 911 and they were relieved.

    >> reporter: the housekeeper who first made the allegation is pursuing a civil lawsuit against strauss-kahn . wednesday, her lawyers denounced the conspiracy claims.

    >> nasi dialo had nothing to do with any type of dancing, any gestures that suggest she's not telling the truth.

    >> reporter: but after first indicting strauss-kahn for sexual assault , prosecutors later dropped all charges against him, saying diallo had repeatedly lied to him. strauss-kahn admitted there was a sexual encounter , but said he was enticed. he gave his version of events to michelle taudman for a new book.

    >> at the moment he was coming out of the shower, he met mrs. diallo. she was in his bedroom. she looked at him and she proposed him to have sexual relation . and mr. strauss-kahn , who is a womanizer, he's a man who never refuse these kind of relations.

    >> reporter: sources tell nbc news that strauss-kahn 's lawyers are hoping to use the new video to argue in the civil suit that did i allo was part of a honey trap designed to destroy his political career. for their part, diallo's lawyers hope to prove her claims are true by showing strauss-kahn has a history of being a sexual predator . ann.

    >> thank you so much.


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