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Downsized airplane legroom adds to discomfort for passengers

With travelers on the move over this extended July Fourth weekend, big crowds, long lines and massive headaches are expected at airports across the country.Full story

The GOP's George W. Bush problem

  The former president made another nonpolitical appearance at a basketball game this week, but the unveiling of his presidential library next month may already be causing headaches for the rest of his party.

Spring snow causing travel trouble

  NBC's Janel Klein has more on the spring storm that is creating headaches for people on the roads.

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Does Lightning Cause Migraines?

The 10 Most Blushworthy Science Stories of 2012

3 small warnings may point to brain problems

Reports of Orgasm Headaches Reveal Mysterious Phenomenon in Teens

Cause of Brain Freeze Revealed

5 travel tips for lazy people


  No headache excuse! Intimacy relieves migraines

A study from Germany indicates that intimacy can relieve migraines; about half of the test subjects said their headache symptoms improved after sex. Researchers think it’s the release of endorphins that does the trick.

  2 shopping apps help you save, get organized

TODAY’s Sara Haines helps you get the most out of the Web and your money with two apps:, which gives you price comparisons and reviews, and Gyft, which will spare you the headache of managing all your gift cards.

  Holiday returns: Navigating long lines and fees

Now that the presents have been opened, it may be time to head back to the mall for dreaded holiday returns. Kerry Sanders reports on some of the headaches returns can create for consumers and store employees alike, and Tod Marks of Consumer Reports reveals how you can avoid them.

  How do you get rid of an overeager coworker?

Philip Galanes of The New York Times tests the TODAY anchors on their knowledge of manners, asking them the best way to get a coworker to stop calling and emailing about every little detail and how to politely tell someone her perfume is too strong.

  6 things you didn’t know cause headaches

The usual culprits for headaches tend to be too much alcohol and not enough sleep, but Siohban O’Connor, deputy editor of Prevention magazine, describes some of the more bizarre reasons for why you may be hurting.

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