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To: Our readers and viewers
From: Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Sizemore

We know you’re passionate about the stories you read and watch on msnbc.com, and for many of you, the information you consume is actually a big part of who you are. And the stories your friends read and watch can open new worlds and provide even more new insights. So, we’ve built a new social app for Facebook Timeline that is designed for people who want to easily share what they’re reading and/or watching with their friends.

It is an entirely optional experience: You will need to choose to install this capability, and once you do, you can always edit your settings to selectively share, or turn off sharing altogether. As you begin to experience what your friends are consuming, watch for your favorite writers’ names too – they’ll be signed up and if you’re following them, you’ll see what they’re reading and watching in your feed too.

And for those of you who prefer to read, watch and share in your own way – of course, please keep doing so! Nothing will change for you, except that we’re now showing you a few “most-shared” headlines along with all the editor-chosen headlines on our home page.

If you have more questions, please check out the Q&A below, and feel free to use the mailbag below to give us feedback.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Explainer: Social viewing on NBCNews.com

  • It’s never been easier to share what you’ve seen on NBCNews.com with your friends on Facebook and discover the stories that matter most to you and your friends.

  • Sharing made simpler, friends made smarter

    With our new social viewing features, you never miss a moment because the videos you watch and the stories you read on NBCNews.com can be automatically shared to Facebook and you can find your friends’ news activity and recommendations right here.

    Look for sharing options and your friends’ activity on our homepage and at the top of videos and the end of articles.

  • Getting started

    If you’re already logged into Facebook when you visit msnbc.com, you’re one step away from automatic sharing. Click Allow and you’ll be prompted to authorize the NBCNews.com app to post your reading and viewing activity to your Facebook Timeline.

    If you’re not yet logged into Facebook and would like to enable social viewing, click Allow at the top of videos or the end of articles. You will be prompted to connect to Facebook with the option to enable automatic sharing and see your friends' activity.

  • Where do shared items appear?

    With social viewing enabled, shared items will automatically appear on your Facebook Timeline and possibly your friends’ ticker and news feed.

    Shared items will also appear in your friends’ activity feed on msnbc.com if they’re connected to Facebook.

  • Controlling what you share

    Your privacy settings on Facebook determine who will see your shared items (friends, public, etc.) You can adjust these settings when authorizing the NBCNews.com app under Who can see activity from this app on Facebook or by visiting your Facebook app settings at http://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications.

    You can remove an item at any time by clicking Undo at the top of the video or the end of the article you don't wish to share.

    You can also delete an item already shared on Facebook or change its visibility by hovering over the right of the item on your Timeline and clicking the X.

  • Disabling sharing

    You can disable sharing from NBCNews.com by clicking Stop all sharing on the homepage, at the top of videos or the end of articles. To resume sharing, simply click Allow. You can also disable sharing by adjusting the settings for the msnbc.com app on your Facebook Timeline or at https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications.


Feedback on social viewing and sharing

Thanks for your feedback about our social viewing and sharing feature. If you have questions or are experiencing problems, please share as many details as you can about where you encountered the issue, your computer system and Web browser, and your Facebook settings.

We appreciate your comments and will review all feedback. We may reach out for additional details but unfortunately cannot respond to all messages we receive.

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