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Video: Archbishop Dolan elevated to Cardinal

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    >> honored to have the archbishop of new york timothy dough lon, also president of the u.s. conference of catholic bishops and he was our guide at the vatican not long ago when i had an audience with the pope. your excellency, happy new year to you.

    >> what a segment from the dietary snacks.

    >> no harm intended i promise you.

    >> before and after.

    >> you come this morning with really wonderful news.

    >> well, thanks. yes, i was today at the vatican pope benedict xvi , announced the epiphany, january 6th is the 12th day after christmas we don't celebrate it this america but he announced he was making new cardinals.

    >> are you allowed to high five a new cardinal?

    >> thank you, al.

    >> you got a phone call ?

    >> i got a phone call yesterday so i only found out 24 hours in advance. archbishop called so i only knew 24 hours ago. i promised you when we were in rome last may that great visit, thanks again, i promised i'd let you guys know so i gave you advanced notice.

    >> archbishop, what will your differences be in duties as you go forward?

    >> my major duty is still the archbishop of new york so that's the biggie but there may be a few added responsibilities to the wider church, the church universal . i would probably be for instance appointed to a couple of what they call congregations, the vatican 's versions of cabinets to the pope. duty wise not much of an increase.

    >> huge responsibility in the cardinal in the event of a election of a new pope takes place you take part.

    >> you're right, that's the weightiest responsibility for the cardinal. when the pope dies, it's the cardinals under 80 who enter conclive to elect him. god willing i'm not going to have to do that in a while. that's the heaviest responsibility a cardinal has.

    >> you'd be spending more time in rome ?

    >> you want to come? let's go.

    >> yes, he's already ready.

    >> i remember the restaurant down the street from the vatican .

    >> so do i. exhibit "a."

    >> will you be there more often than you are now?

    >> probably, because as i mentioned to al the appointment is some congregations on the vatican , their version of cabinet offices. i might have to go a little bit more often. so.

    >> you are called by some the face of the catholic church .

    >> thanks.

    >> in the united states , and this is a terrific honor just for people biographically if you're not as familiar with this man, born in st . louis.

    >> stol st

    >> st . louis, missouri.

    >> fan of the cardinal?

    >> i said the only cardinal i wanted to be was stan muciel.

    >> since you're a fan of the cardinals now you have this brand new honor we'd bestow this upon you.

    >> champions of the world. you saw what someone gave me today a baby cardinal.

    >> how cute is that?

    >> al you want to pass the head?

    >> congratulations.

    >> thank you, matt. happy new year. let's go back to rome .

    >> absolutely.

    >> soon to be card know timothy dolan , thank you. we're back after your local news and a look at your


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