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More men treated for low T, some without evidence

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The proportion of middle-aged American men being treated for low testosterone more than tripled over the last decade, a new study suggests. Full story

Testosterone Prescriptions Nearly Triple in Last Decade

The percentage of middle-aged men in the United States taking testosterone to treat symptoms of low testosterone, or "low T," has increased substantially in recent years, a new study suggests. Full story

FDA denies approval to Endo's testosterone drug again

(Reuters) - The Food and Drug Administration has for the third time refused approval to Endo Health Solutions Inc's injectable testosterone drug Aveed, pressing for a still better plan to manage the risks associated with the drug. Full story

Study: In trading rooms, women aren't just keeping up - they're outperforming - men

   Studies show that women traders may be doing more than keeping up – they may even be outperforming their male counterparts. Rana Foroohar from Time talks research, studies, and the reality of women in trading.

‘Low-T’ drugs raise medical questions

   In the past year, drug companies have spent more than $100 million marketing low-testosterone, or low-T, drug treatments, but Consumer Reports’ medical experts are saying the benefits of the drugs may not outweigh the risks. TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie reports and Dr. Michael Krychman comments on the d

Men and women at work

   The authors of "Work With Me" discuss differences between me and women in the workplace based on a recent study.

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Searching For Male Fountain of Youth? Go Exercise

Lack of sleep may harm sperm

Panel divided over safety of Endo's testosterone drug

Scent of a Man: Women Can Sniff Out a Hot Guy

FDA staff concerned about safety of Endo's testosterone injection

Macho Dudes Have an Edge in Less-Developed Countries

Red wine compound may boost testosterone

Why do some men get grouchier as they age?

Naughty or Nice? A Brain Chemical May Tell

Gene Regulation May Explain How Homosexuality Flourishes


  Most Manly Stocks

CNBC's Jane Wells takes a look at stocks that are not suffering from low testosterone.

  BPA linked to childhood obesity

Studies suggest that a chemical used to prevent corrosion in the lining of cans and bottles can make fat cells bigger, and disrupt the balance of estrogen and testosterone in our bodies. NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports.

  Softer side of 'Expendables 2' cast

The testosterone filled cast of "The Expendables 2" reveals to Access the softer side of their action star images.

  Explosive blog post sparks outrage

Msnbc contributor Toure shares his thoughts on a blog published on “Psychology Today,” asking the question, “Why are black women less physically attractive than other women?”

  Boo hoo! The power of tears

Anthropologist Helen Fisher discusses why humans cry, and why turning on the waterworks has such a powerful effect on our peers.

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FILE: Bartolo Colon Suspended For Testing Positive for Testosterone

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